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Gnome Games heading towards 3.6!

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3.5.2 major changes

  • Glines and mahjongg both use GtkApplication and app menu.
  • Sudoku now uses xdg data directory for saved games
  • mallard docs for quadrapassel/lightsoff

3.5.4 major changes

  • Mahjongg was renamed to gnome-mahjongg
  • Swell-foop can now be played with keyboard, got an 256×256 icon, and now has mnemonics in the preferences dialog.
  • Gnomine got a “Replay game” option in the menu. It also has improved help and better wording in the gui.
  • Chess had some fixes to chess rules and no longer leaves behind engine processes.

3.5.5 major changes

  • The high score dialogs got a date field
  • Bug fixes, code cleanups, and updated help and translations

3.5.90 major changes

  • Gtali was ported to GtkApplication and got an app menu
  • Timers was split out of libgames-support
  • Bug fixes and updated help and translations

What didn’t make it on 3.6 release is Christian Banes work on Gnome’s Sudoku, but we will see it on Gnome 3.8 for sure.

Not many things needed to change for this set of five-minutes games really. Some fixes, updates, small corrections and the adoption of GMenus to be coherent inside the Shell are more than enough I believe.

Gnome Games 3.5.90

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  • faildora what happened?! did they remove titlebar? these smartasses who thinks that know everything, they don’t know left aligned text is easier to read than center aligned text?

    finally menubars gone in favor of application menu? wow! much better now!

    usability…. an unknown word

    keep up the good work guys!

    • alex285

      Title bar you mean control bar? This is removed only in full-screen

      • faildora

        no i mean titlebar, i don’t know wtf is control bar

        if it’s hidden in full-screen then how could i unmaximaze or close it?

        • alex285

          From Shell top bar

        • Guest

          You can grap the bar “behind” the black panel above and drag it to another place. (So drag on the black gnome panel is the solution, which is a fair solution, I think)

          • faildora

            of course it is fair enough and obviously enough

            keep hiding and removing even more

            i will be waiting to see gnome shell on red hatahahahaha

    • Bill_Toulas

      The title bar is not shown when you go fullscreen on an application that uses Gmenus on Gnome 3.6
      The sudoku screen you see is a work in progress. Christian wants to show the different way the possible entries are going to be shown

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