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GNOME Files 3.7.3 Release!

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The Remove from Recent Label

If you open Recent View in Files 3.6 and right click on an item you will see the “Delete” option. If you press that, you won’t actually delete the file, but you will just remove it from Recent Items. Be honest, how many people knew that -at least before they tried it? ;)


Well things are now more clear. It would be nice if they also add a real delete option here.

Files 3.7.3 Major Changes

  • Update search provider to org.gnome.Shell.SearchProvider2 interface
  • Rely on GIO to parse “.hidden” files
  • Consistently use unicode ellipsis instead of three periods (Jeremy Bicha)
  • Use a different label for removing a file from “Recent” (Paolo Borelli)
  • Restore the previous behavior wrt. framing for custom icons
  • Share the “show hidden” GSetting option with the GTK+  file chooser (Timothy Arceri)
  • Fix missing unmount sync notification under some circumstances
  • Fix infinite loop while deep counting the size of “/” (Phillip Susi)
  • Fix wrong filename when restoring file from trash (Timothy Arceri)

Cosimo Cecchi who’s the maintainer of Files doesn’t give the full change log, but so far these are pretty much all the changes in Files 3.7.x  together with 3.7.2

Files 3.7.2 Major Changes

  • Request to render larger thumbnails by default
  • Don’t quote the current location name in search bar
  • Use “Run” in menus when launchine executables
  • Fix stray Empty Document item in New Document menu

Certainly  Files 3.8 won’t have a major overhaul like 3.6, -either the criticism of 3.6-, but it will just get better with huge improvements in search. Of course the best part is the integration with GNOME Shell and Search Providers.

If all features that are planned for GNOME 3.8 arrive (specially in Notifications area), we will get a really good desktop. GNOME 3.8 will be definitely the most improved version (since its  predecessor) that GNOME Foundation has ever release.  However GNOME won’t be “ready” till the port in Wayland as many issues start and end in X Server.

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