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Gnome Files 3.6.3 Release

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Gnome Files 3.6.3

Major changes

  • Fix symbolic links on remote volumes not activating default action
  • Fix duplicated query editor filter rows when changing search location
  • Fix search toolbar disappearing with very long folder names
  • Fix missing Trash action after “Recent” was visited
  • Fix missing frame around thumbnails for some zoom factors

Recursive Search

I was using Files from master branch for having recursive search that was missing from 3.6. Today I had a bug in 3.7 and I switched back to 3.6.2. I typed something on search bar and it had recursive search! Lately I discovered that this was half true. Files 3.6 can recursively look only into your special folders, like Music, Documents, Downloads etc.

Files 3.6.2 – Looking for “home”

Files 3.7.1 – Looking for “home”

There is a difference :)

PyGObject 3.4.2

Martin announced the release of PyObject 3.4.2

  • Fix marshalling of GByteArrays (Martin Pitt)
  • Fix marshalling of ssize_t to smaller ints (Martin Pitt)
  • Fix crash with GLib.child_watch_add (Daniel Narvaez) (#688067)
  • Fix various bugs in GLib.IOChannel (Martin Pitt)
  • Work around wrong 64 bit constants in GLib Gir (Martin Pitt) (#685022)
  • Fix OverflowError in source_remove() (Martin Pitt) (#684526)
  • Fix Signal decorator to not use base class gsignals dict (Simon Feltman) (#686496)

Ready for porting GNOME to Python 3

Martin says

A few days ago Olav Vitters announced the GNOME 3.8 goal of porting to Python 3.This has been discussed on desktop-devel-list@ in the past days, and the foundations for this are now ready:

  • pygobject now has a –with-python option. (commit)
  • JHBuild now defaults to building pygobject for Python 3, but introduces a “pygobject-python2″ project for the transition phase which provides pygobject built for Python 2. (commit)
  • All dependencies to “pygobject” were changed to “pygobject-python2″ to avoid breaking modules. (commit).

So in theory your modules should continue to build and work in jhbuild just fine. Once you ported a module to Python 3, please switch the dependency back to “pygobject” in jhbuild. (This is now also mentioned on

Please don’t hesitate to ask me or any fellow PyGObject maintainer in cases of trouble; I’m “pitti” in #python on


Dan Williams announced the initial release of libqmi.

What is libqmi

libqmi is an on-going effort to get a library providing easy access to Qualcomm’s ‘QMI’ protocol. The current libqmi available is based on the GLib/GObject/GIO-powered ‘libqmi-glib’. libqmi tries to ease the use of the protocol by providing:

  • A QmiDevice object to control the access to the /dev/cdc-wdm device. This object allows creating new per-service ‘QmiClient’s. It also hides the use of the implicit ‘CTL’ service client.
  • The QmiClient object provides an interface to the set of request/responses of a given service. Users of the library will just need to execute a GIO-asynchronous method to send the request and get the processed response.
  • The QmiClient object also provides signals for each of the indications given in the service.
  • The input and output arguments needed in requests, responses and indications are compiled into ‘bundles’. These bundles are opaque structs with accessors for their elements, which allow us to add new TLVs to a given message in the future without breaking API/ABI.

The protocol is written in the library as a JSON dictionary of rules, and most of the code to handle the protocol in the library is autogenerated during compilation. If you want to take a look at the currently available interface, check the (work in progress) gtk-doc documentation at:

You will find more information in sigquit blog.


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  • JJ

    Thats plain silly they don’t backport recursive search to 3.6 branch.

    • Brandon Watkins

      Agreed. I hope ubuntu at least backports it for their nautilus package since they are sticking with gnome 3.6 for their next release.