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Gnome Files 3.6 (3.5.92) Screencasting

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The reason I screenacast *some* of the new features of Files is to demonstrate it to the fellows that run Ubuntu/Mint and they’ll be stuck with the old version. Yes, Linux (and therefore Gnome) is all about choice, so you can upgrade to the new Nautilus using some of the Ricotz PPAs (Gnome 3 Team PPA).

We have already discussed the new features of Files, so I’ll just proceed with the YouTubes.

European Version

Song Theme: Raining Pleasure | Fake

Not available in: American Samoa, Guam, Japan, Northern Mariana Islands, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States Virgin Islands

Worldwide Version

Song Theme: Brad | There is something wrong & Fake it

Gnome Files 3.4 or Gnome Files 3.6? The choice is yours!

*Also there is a detached tab feature that I forgot to screencast.. I attached it on the end of this video.

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  • sllih

    How to disable hiding of the titlebar when window is maximized? The lack of the close button is inconvenient. Apart from that, new Nautilus/Files looks great for me.

    • alex285

      I doubt you can disable this, but I will ask.

  • sllih

    How to disable hiding the titlebar when window is maximized? The lack of the close button is very inconvenient. Is there any mutter setting? Aside from that, Nautilus/Files works great for me.

    • Philip Witte

      Speaking of Mutter settings… will we ever get an option to always Center New Windows (like in Compiz/Xfce/etc) instead of “intelligent” placement…. it seems I’m _always_ moving some program out of the upper left corner, it’s very annoying.

  • Mateus Machado Luna

    Whats the point on removing extra panel? I mean, I like the rest of the changes, it’s really fantastic, but extra panel was a lot useful to me, I used it a lot of times to compare folders when making a backup and moving files one to the other… This was something far better than have to open two file browsers to transfer as we needed on Windows :P. I’ll stay with the tabs, but it’s not the same thing :(

    • alex285

      Extra panel didn’t work well with tabs, too much confusion. You can open two tabs, and detach one tab to a new window. I am not saying this is a perfect solution, and I am not in favor of removing extra panel and compact view anyway.

    • Philip Witte

      tabs are better in general

  • Marcos V.F.

    The only problem now is with symlinks (arrows, etc), because themes and icons will need to be updated to be consistent appearance. I use elementary-icons, but it does not look good in the new nautilus, because there is no symlinks for the arrows and stuff.

    Everything else is ok for me.

  • eon

    I’ll miss the extra panel too :(

    And also it seems that the backspace key doesn’t work anymore (to go to the parent directory). Can anyone confirm ? This bothers me a lot…

    • foobar

      Haven’t used the new nautilus yet. But have you tried to use the same keyboard-combination as in epiphany? alt + arrow-left?

      • alex285

        Yes, Alt+Left/Right = Previous / Next.. But I use the mouse buttons on this, which still don’t work in Epiphany.

      • eon

        Didn’t know about this one, I’ll try thanks

  • foobar

    @alex285:disqus You should start all your articles with “good news, everyone!” as long as you are using this wallpaper. :)

    • alex285

      Good News Everyone, bug #xxxxxx will erase your disk! Because when Farnsworth says good news, something bad is going to follow :)

  • Stinger

    Ahem.. Alex, it’s in the ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

  • jsnj

    Unfortunately, these changes offer nothing beneficial to me. I have no problems with search in 3.4.x. I always find what I need. Zooming speed in 3.4 is the same as the video posted above. The look changes are minor IMO. It’s not like 3.4 is an ugly duckling and 3.6 is a beautiful swan. They’re both similar enough. The rest is subjective. So, basically, Files 3.6 for me amounts to removals. I use split/extra pane EVERY day. I’ve tried to replicate the speed/efficiency & comfort w/tabs in 3.6, but it’s not possible. The excuse that it’s too confusing w/tabs is laughable since those who thought it was confusing would never use both at the same time. Removal of folder specific views is another annoyance. I use list for most except for media folders(pics, music, movies). In Files 3.6, I have to click the icon way too often. Also, there are no preferences for Files 3.6 opened as root and your default view is not remembered. Anyway, I love gnome-shell in general. Every time I try to use other DE’s I always end up trying to emulate GS’s paradigm. But, Files 3.6 is a regression IMO. Thankfully, in 3.6, I can use Nemo :-)

  • Philip Witte

    Looks good overall. I like the new zoom model actually. It looks like they made it more convenient to zoom in-out and so it makes sense not to have folder-specific view settings. Everything else looks pretty on-par from what we’ve seen before.

    On a completely aesthetic note, generally I like Gnome’s visual direction… but those damn folder icons are the ugliest things I’ve every seen :-P

  • 2eurocents

    It’s certainly a tough one: which is worse – Nautilus v. 3.4, or Nautilus v. 3.6.
    I think the jury will be out on that one for a long time, and they’ll in the end decide to switch to a modern, usable DE like KDE, and an equally modern, usable file manager like Dolphin.

    (I’m sorry, buddy. Your “articles” crop up in my RSS feed via third websites, and as much as I try to resist the urge, it’s just so hard not to troll you.)

    • Bill_Toulas

      We actually like it when KDE users come here to express their opinion :)

    • alex285

      Maybe Dolphin is better than Nautilus but there isn’t Dolphin in Gnome ..Gnome Vs KDE is a long -and old- story :)

  • vayne

    Trying to watch the european version in germany but it says: This video isn’t available in your country. Please contact youtube or use different music. Thanks.

    • alex285

      I am very sorry for this, I used a copyright-ed music without knowing it. That’s why I uploaded the video again with another music. Videos are identical but the music.

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