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Gnome Files 3.5.4 first sights

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Files 354 first sights

[1] Nautilus menu moved  into a single button on top right, similar as Firefox! Also we have the symbolic icons on the left, which seems pretty. This is the new Adwaita theme with minor changes.

[2] Window menu while looks good when is closed but it feels a bit messy if you open it. This is something that Unity tried to solve with HUD and Gnome also needs a solution there.

[3] Right click on file misses some options, but this is I guess because of my compile..

[4] Same applies for right-clicking on Nautilus content

[5] Compact view is removed so we have Icon and List view only.

[6] Also the extra panel has been removed but Tabs are still here, with some CSS bugs :)

[7] The location bar which open with “Ctrl+l”

[8] And this is my favorite new feature! A new real time search. It looks and display files as you’re typing, similar to Ajax search in webpages. Of course if your looking inside of thousands of files you have to wait a bit.

[9] And this is the help



First off, this isn’t a complete software. So we must way till version 3.90 that UI changes will be final. But so far Nautilus feels much more modern than 340. And if it needs one or two more clicks for an non-usual action, it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes a nice appearance is more important than having things practical.

Major changes in 3.5.4

+* Add Copy To and Move To actions
+* Add a notification while ejecting volumes
+* List view:
+ – New date format display
+ – Use a list model instead of a tree model for list view
+ – Use a better default column order
+ – Change some list column names
+ – Use 32px icons by default
+ – Tweak padding
+* Search:
+ – “Just type” search
+ – Combine the search bar and the query editor
+ – Tracker engine performance improvements and fixes
+* Sidebar:
+ – Add a recent files place
+ – Use symbolic icons
+ – Improve order of the items
+* Toolbar:
+ – Change toolbar layout to the GNOME 3 style
+ – Don’t show titlebar when maximized
+ – Use a linked style for the pathbar
+* Menus:
+ – Migrate the menubar to a gear menu
+ – Remove “Go” menu
+ – Remove “Bookmarks” menu
+* Remove “Text beside icons” option for icon view
+* Fix loading string not disappearing in image properties on load


Update (20/7): There have been some large discussions about the removal of Nautilus Compact View; you can read here:

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  • Filippo Zonta

    how searching is performed? does it integrate with tracker? zeitgeist?
    does it search inside the current folder, or is it a global zeitgeist search, like I’ve seen some times ago?

    • alex285

      It uses tracker and searches recursively

      • travesseiro

         I’m sorry for my poor english. But does it search inside the current folder, or is it a global search?

        • alex285

          Inside current and subfolders

      • Filippo Zonta

        should be nice to see what’s happen with folders not indicized by tracker and with folders which contain indicized and not indicized subfolders

        • alex285

          I do not know how tracker or indexing works in Gnome, you go to advanced for my knowledge :)

  • 陆仁贾

    Why the default font in the screenshots is Ubuntu instead of Cantarell…
    Anyway, the new Nautilus seems great.

    • alex285

      I said on the start of this post “I used an Ubuntu 12.10 vbox for compiling, because is easier to solve dependencies there.” :)

  • Josephk

    extra pane has been eliminated because it’s not touch friendly.. and who cares?? (apart from gnome designers)
    didn’t know gnome3 is widely used on touchscreen devices..
    meanwhile, poor old desktop users that got pleasantly used to this feature, say again “thank you”

    eyes on marylin, elementary’s file manager

    • alex285

      I am just adding, extra pane removed also because wasn’t working good with tabs. tabs and pane at the same time was confusing.

    • Satyajit Sahoo

      There is no more need for extra pane these days, because you can compare two nautilus windows easily by dragging them to sides, which was not there in old days.

      • asdf

        Isn’t this solution is contradictory to the reason behind the changes? For instance you are making changes to make it touch friendly and then offering workarounds. Are you going to tell touch device users to “easily” drag two windows side by side? Your logic is circular and you’re trying to validate bad design decisions. Its a shame what happened to GNOME. You really dropped the ball at a critical time in your software’s life.

  • Gez

    I’m worried about bookmarks.
    I see there’s a Bookmarks option under the gear icon, but you don’t say if they were removed from the side panel or just migrated to the places menu.
    What’s the current state of bookmarks, how do you use them?

    It would be a shame to lose such a useful feature. I use it on a daily basis, creating shortcuts to my project files.

    • alex285

      You can bookmark folders and they are visible under devices in a “Bookmarks” view. At least for now that’s the state! 

  • travesseiro

    Great writeup ! This new Nautilus is looking good!
     Will it be renamed to Files or thats just for for the window title ? (like it is in 3.4)

    • alex285

      It is renamed to Files, but the command to run it is still nautilus

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  • pyl

    Does side panel still allows to view tree-like file system hierarchy ?

    –  VIDEOS
           + Movies
            – Stuff

    • travesseiro

       I don’t think it allows tree-like hierarchy on the side pane even on 3.4

      • alex285

        There is on 3.4

      • alex285


    • alex285

      Interesting question! I just checked and I didn’t find such option :(

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  • Philip Witte

    Lookin Good! Thought the Default Folder Icon set seriously needs to be Blue and not Brown, cause they’re pretty ugly ATM… I always use Faience-Azur which fit in nicely with Awaita.

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  • Valery Levchenko

    Why, but why they removed Compact view!? It’s so hard to maintain this little option? As well as new pane…

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