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Gnome Evolution 3.5.90 | ChangeLogs

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I cannot review Evolution 3.6, I don’t know if it got better and if the annoying bugs and speed issues are gone on this release. I just collected the changelogs from all 3.5.x versions -which aren’t many- and you can have a look if your bug is fixed.

Evolution 3.5.1 2012-04-30

Evolution now uses WebKit/GTK+ instead of GtkHtml to display emails, contacts, tasks and memos. A huge thanks to the heroic efforts of Dan Vrátil for this! It’s been a long time coming. Note that for the time being Evolution still uses GtkHtml to compose emails, but work will soon be underway to transition the email composer to WebKit/GTK+ as well.

GtkHtml will then be retired.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 245025 – Popup confirmation when moving a folder (via drag and drop) (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 465076 – INBOX confusion with outbox (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 528508 – Wrap long lines when printing emails (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 560654 – Better description for message list filter (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 564820 – Search filter persists when changing folders (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 584143 – Global Search Function withing Calendar (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 593444 – templates-plugin: minor tweak to configuration tab (Ashwini Oruganti)
  • Bug 593449 – custom-header-plugin: minor tweak to configuration tab (Ashwini Oruganti)
  • Bug 593450 – attachment-reminder-plugin: minor tweak to configuration tab (Ashwini Oruganti)
  • Bug 600860 – Opening IMAP message with large attachment blocks UI(Milan Crha)
  • Bug 617930 – Crash under mail_sidebar_model_loaded_row_cb (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 655753 – Improve offline notification for network outage (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 667046 – Outgoing filter cannot override used Sent folder (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 667912 – Remove name field from formatted address label (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668481 – Account order is not remembered (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668543 – Crash in view_modify_contact_cb() if contact has no UID (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668687 – MDN panel left shown when moving to an empty folder (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668768 – Copy&paste of appointment occurrence creates two appointments (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668769 – Recurrence editor weekday items slightly cropped (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668976 – Capplet settings depends on local etable (Alban Browaeys)
  • Bug 668988 – Handle a “minutes” entry greater than 59 intelligently Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668989 – Add a twitter username to IM in contacts (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 668998 – Consistent UI for saving Contacts like in Events/Tasks/ Memos (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 669088 – Add a Column dialog draws incorrectly (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 670445 – Folder deletion in offline shows strange behavior(Vibha Yadav)
  • Bug 670609 – Delete /data/evolution.mime (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 670967 – Moving event in offline doesn’t delete event from original calendar (Vibha Yadav)
  • Bug 670967 – Moving event in offline mode (Vibha Yadav)
  • Bug 671537 – Option to validate SSL certificates with libsoup (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 671874 – autocontacts.gschema: GAIM is called Pidgin now (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 671876 – Improve schema descriptions for mail-notification keys (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 672175 – Make CamelFolderSearch cancellable (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 672916 – Spam is not detected automatically (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 672986 – User docs are too big for (Sam Thursfield)
  • Bug 673013 – Doesn’t expose webkit Cflags/Libs (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673065 – Black rectangle around text in Source view (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673067 – [itip-formatter] Shows one long line for the meeting description (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673108 – Font settings and monospace fonts don’t work (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673123 – Crash in http_request_write_to_cache (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673225 – White box in message preview not wide enough for very long strings (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673228 – Fails to display attached image in attached email (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673420 – Itip formatter lost all mnemonics (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673430 – Can’t read messages in virtual Junk/Trash folders (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673525 – Crash under efh_write_message() (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 673895 – “Send To…” doesn’t work anymore (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 673955 – Can not display email and calendar in separate windows anymore (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 674034 – Attached images from IMAP provider email not shown (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674037 – [attachment-reminder] Parses message body inefficiently(Milan Crha)
  • Bug 674060 – Preview panel on folder change not updated (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674062 – Runtime warning from e_attachment_load_handle_error() (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 674176 – Sender’s photo not shown properly (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674194 – Missing text in email (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674248 – Lost new lines from text/plain (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674249 – Crash when showing message with large text/plain (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674272 – Contacts preview differs with mailer running and not (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674282 – Don’t crash on reply with empty selection (Yanko Kaneti)
  • Bug 674340 – Evolution hangs on startup (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674380 – Deselected contact keeps preview filled (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674381 – Show contact photo from address book doesn’t work (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674466 – Mail’s preview panel can show listing of local filesystem root (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674701 – Clicking address in preview composes to default account (Milan Crha)

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Limit supported gweather to < 3.5. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Require gnome-doc-utils >= 0.20.10. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Add ability to specify INBOX for non-storage type accounts. (Srinivasa Ragavan)
  • EMFormat: Add “session” as a constructor property. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Use GNetworkMonitor to drive EShell:network-available.(Matthew Barnes)
  • Drop the ConnMan/NetworkManager/WindowsSENS modules. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove EMSyncStream. (Matthew Barnes)
  • EMFolderTreeModel: Remove COL_STRING_URI. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Fix backward buttons in “restore-confirm” dialog. (Matthew Barnes)
  • EWebView: Make antialiasing settings optional. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Show calendar Find Next/Prev/Stop buttons beside Search text entry (Milan Crha)

Evolution 3.5.2 2012-06-04

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 671509 (2/2) – Some small UI/theming improvements (Cosimo Cecchi)
  • Bug 671509 (1/2) – Some small UI/theming improvements (Cosimo Cecchi)
  • Bug 665399 – Cannot change File Under to custom value (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 659756 – Initialize dbus-glib threading for GConf (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 665130 – Memory leaks in Preferences and ETable (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 665129 – Memory leak in EBufferTagger (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 665106 – Memory leak from composer setup when opening Preferences (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 669490 – Window resizes with many activities (gtk 3.3.14+) (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 671716 – Fails to build with –enable-contact-maps (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 664326 – Buttons to handle exceptions in event is always disabled (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 664323 – Too late initialization of Gnome/GailCanvas ATK support (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 664205 – Improve UX when creating a new mail folder (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 664169 – Default port is not selected by default (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 671233 – Unable to choose port 587 for SMTP (Milan Crha)
  • User Docs: Link ‘Deleting attachments’ into Attachments overview page. See bug #671633 (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Clarify Bogofilter usage again. Fixes bug #665008 (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Rewrite Spam Marking. Fixes bug #665008 (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Explain how Bogofilter and SpamAssassin work and link to their FAQs. See bug #665008 (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Explain order in mail folder list pane and how to change. Fixes bug #661654 (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Mention ‘Apply the same view settings to all folders’ mail setting. Fixes bug #669246 (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Use conditional processing for package install links; Add EWS to first start page. Fixes bug #671068. (Andre Klapper)

Miscellaneous Fixes:

  • Add dbus-glib flags to evolution binary. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Add a comment about Bcc headers to searchtypes.xml. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Revert “Include searching Bcc header while looking for recipients” (Matthew Barnes)
  • Mention the return of dbus-glib in a NEWS blurb. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Fix too large allocation for alert-bar in shell-content (Milan Crha)
  • EConfig: Support custom page skip callbacks. (Matthew Barnes)
  • User Docs: Move page to Advanced section (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Add page about message source and all mail headers view (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Add ‘Advanced’ section for Message Displaying to dump all the Headers/Source stuff (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Remove Source and Headers stuff from ‘Message list sorting’ section. Wrong place. (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Link also into mail-layout-changing (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Fix wrong syntax (Andre Klapper)
  • User Docs: Add missing markup (Andre Klapper)
  • startup-wizard: Avoid em_account_editor_get_widget(). (Matthew Barnes)

Evolution 3.5.3 2012-06-25

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 300677 – vFolder rules shouldn’t refer to the Unmatched folder (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 431497 – Offline mode should disable loading of images from the internet (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 569540 – Remove unused message-display-style GSettings key (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 670876 – Missing mnemonics for buttons for vcard attached to email (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 674887 – Hang on sender’s photo lookup (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 676179 – Memos/Tasks – Update preview when it’s shown (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 676563 – Cannot create folders directly under store node (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 677597 – Crash on vFolder source folder removal (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 677607 – Closing Mail Browser emits critical warnings (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 677608 – Fails to open message which is not yet downloaded (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 677624 – Disable Properties when Search Folders is selected (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 677628 – Remove account and folder name from mail notifications (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 677631 – Some HTML links don’t work (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 677673 – Reply contains quoted top headers (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 677679 – Folder tree unread counts don’t decrease (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 677686 – Account editor missing refresh interval setting (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 677706 – Crash in spell_entry_recheck_all() (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 677882 – Cannot create account with Sendmail (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 677995 – Asks password for disabled mail account (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678292 – Due Date does not display in follow-up flag dialogue box (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 678293 – Already downloaded images are not shown (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 678304 – Save Draft prevents Evolution’s quit (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 678345 – Runtime warning when sender photo is disabled (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 678347 – Put spamd pid/socket files in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678393 – Disable Properties for built-in mail stores (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678397 – Move “mail-to-task” actions to a submenu (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678608 – Please enter password for mail account “Unnamed” (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678609 – No suggested name for new mail account (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678613 – Keep display name synchronized across all mail sources (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678634 – Criticals warnings when creating new book/cal (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 764467 – URL popup shows all Copy options (Dan Vrátil)

Other Changes:

  • User documentation improvements. (Andre Klapper)
  • Adapt to single-include E-D-S libraries. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove mail-guess-servers.[ch]. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove local mail autoconfiguration data. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Mail formatter rewrite (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bump minimum libnotify version to 0.7. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Fix possible use of uninitialized variable (Milan Crha)
  • Adapt to evolution-data-server’s port from GConf to GSettings (Milan Crha)
  • Make em_utils_in_addressbook() cancellable (Dan Vrátil)
  • Remove the last remaining usage of GConf (Milan Crha)
  • Remove -Werror from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Do not call g_object_notify() when property didn’t change (Milan Crha)
  • Clarify that libcanberra-gtk3 is optional. (Matthew Barnes)
  • No more experimental plugins. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove Mono and Python EPlugin bindings. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove –enable-plugins=list variation. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Delete unused GnomeCanvasRichText. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Use SoupURI instead of EUri. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Reduce amount or EMailDisplay reloads when displaying Preferences dialog (Dan Vrátil)
  • Avoid crash for providers without configuration backend (Milan Crha)

Evolution 3.5.4 2012-07-16

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 223309 – Add “Include Subfolders” to “Search Folder Sources” (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 246231 – Add Filter Rule dialog – UI suggestions (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 257283 – Can’t select multiple folders at once in vFolder sources(Milan Crha)
  • Bug 332115 – Remove Camel module names from Send/Receive window (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 349875 – Dragging an email from a vFolder should link to source folder (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 515004 – Allow toggling between text and HTML view of mail (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 524737 – Replace radio buttons in Search folder editor (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 548778 – Use original location when replying in Search Folder (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 602425 – Search in “Current Account”/”All Accounts” depends on vfolders (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 617557 – Can close composer while message is sending (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 653529 – Alarm Notification window events list is too small (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 661886 – Avoid vertical scrolling in the filtering rules editor (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 674427 – Crash when formatting contact in addressbook (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 677604 – Critical warnings on evolution start (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 677695 – Freeze on quit in emu_free_mail_cache() (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 677885 – Deleting account is chatty on console (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 677993 – Remember screen used in previous session (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 678606 – Crash under mail_backend_folder_deleted_cb() (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 678667 – ‘All Message Headers’ option is broken (Lucian Langa)
  • Bug 678783 – Crash under e_attachment_set_file_info() (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 678834 – [prefer-plain] Setting change works only after restart (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 678946 – Port entry in Account Assistant is unset (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 679323 – Formatting errors when replying in inline mode(Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 679649 – Remove “Recent Messages” from Quick Search Bar (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 679726 – Can’t unfold long recipient list in message window (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 679814 – Calendar invitation shows both calendar and html part (Dan Vrátil)

Other Changes:

  • google: Remove SSL option for Google Contacts address books (Philip Withnall)
  • google: Remove the offline caching option for Google Contacts address books (Philip Withnall)
  • [prefer-plain] Fix displaying suppressed HTML parts (Dan Vrátil)
  • Add CamelDebug to e_mail_parser_parse_sync (Dan Vrátil)
  • Display text/plain in fixed-width font (Dan Vrátil)
  • Fix displaying photos in contacts preview (Dan Vrátil)
  • Display local contact photos in EContactEditor’s EImageChooser (Dan Vrátil)
  • Don’t load images in preview pane when openning Preferences Dialog (Dan Vrátil)
  • Trust attachments from ~/.kde and ~/.kde4. (Matthew Barnes)
  • killev.c: Don’t kill D-Bus services. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove “last-upgraded-version” GSettings key. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove evolution-nognome script. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Delay saving Evolution version until later in initialization.(Matthew Barnes)
  • EMailConfigWindow: Add a “changes-committed” signal. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Disconnect a CamelService after editing its settings. (Matthew Barnes)
  • e_web_view_update_fonts(): Fix memory corruption. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Use folder display name in status messages when possible.(Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove em_folder_tree_get_selected_folder(). (Matthew Barnes)
  • Avoid crash on folder rename (Milan Crha)
  • Add “auto-update” option to Search Folder Editor (Milan Crha)
  • Preset timeout on SoupSession-s to 90 seconds (Milan Crha)
  • Update to libgweather 3.5 (Giovanni Campagna)
  • Don’t display SMIME signature as an attachment (Dan Vrátil)
  • Make alarm notifications work again (Milan Crha)
  • Rework handling of GOA mail. (Matthew Barnes)

Evolution 3.5.5 2012-08-06

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 677635 – Vanished message list with filled preview panel (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 678635 – File->Send/Receive lists too many sources (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 679049 – [itip-formatter] Cannot reply to meeting invitation (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 679404 – Read colors for message preview from Gtk theme (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 679726 – Move button for expanding headers behind header label (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 679843 – Double free when printing (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680123 – Freeze on message/disposition-notification email parsing (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680164 – Print Preview action should open preview immediatelly (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680331 – Crash when replying to a message (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680535 – Reply to message with text attachments formats them inline (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680577 – [text-highlight] – Failed to load part (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680634 – Missing image attachment (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680635 – Inline GPG shown as source (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680643 – First message Print preview without CSS (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680666 – Contacts/Tasks/Memos preview pane does not follow theme colors (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680682 – Segfault after label attempted deletion (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 681075 – Add tooltips to signature editor toolbar (Michael Wood)

Other Changes:

  • Various mail formatter and highlighter improvements (Dan Vrátil)
  • Improvements to user documentation. (Andre Klapper)
  • Disable CompEditor when saving changes (Milan Crha)
  • Use template files to generate GEnumClass types. (Matthew Barnes)
  • mail-send-recv: Improve presentation. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Fix few more memory leaks (Milan Crha)
  • Support creating and deleting remote resources. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove all GDK threads usage. (Matthew Barnes)

Evolution 3.5.90 2012-08-20

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 246530 – Rules editor lacks “Label is (not) ‘None'” (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 555325 – Delete key should not delete a whole address book (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 559815 – Empty Reminders editor when opened second time (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 676785 – Enables wrong calendar after saving appointment (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 677695 – Crash on quit under emu_free_mail_cache() (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 678408 – Mail view is very small for some mails (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 680702 – Freeze/crash when loading remote images (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680724 – Attachment bar regression (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680786 – [text-highlight] Prefer Content-Type header over file name extension (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 680947 – Multiselect doesn’t clear message preview panel (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 681017 – Bogus SMTP port in the account manager UI (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 681279 – Reply on selection doesn’t work (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 681318 – Filter by Source account doesn’t show accounts (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 681321 – Support both old and new-buf libxml2 APIs (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 681400 – Fix build against WebKitGtk+ 1.9.6 (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 681432 – Runtime warnings from e_mail_display_reload() (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 681641 – Port to new documentation infrastructure (Javier Jardón)
  • Bug 681783 – Critical warning and freeze with libsoup-2.39 and webkitgtk-1.9.2 (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 681882 – Account signature not selected in new composer window (Matthew Barnes)
  • Bug 682019 – Always display text/plain when there’s nothing else in multipart/alternative (Dan Vrátil)
  • Bug 682102 – Upstream Debian’s 04_gettext_intltool.patch (Matthew Barnes)

Other Changes:

  • User documentation improvements. (Andre Klapper)
  • Return of the “mark messages as read” preference. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove all references to JavaScriptCore and use of JavaScript (Dan Vrátil)
  • EDayView: Hide tooltip on context menu popup (Milan Crha)
  • backup-restore: Add version info to evolution.dirs file. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Run mbox-to-Maildir conversion before loading modules. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Remove the settings capplet. (Matthew Barnes)
  • express: Remove clutter-based email tabs. (Matthew Barnes)
  • Add e_mail_session_append_to_local_folder(). (Matthew Barnes)
  • Add event/memo/task “Save As” item to File menu. (Matthew Barnes)


By reading the change-logs, Evolution 3.6 seems more like a bug-fix release. The Webkit integration doesn’t work on writing emails and the HTML format brakes on it (I guess that’s the reason).  No Application Menus and not a good communication with GOA.

Also Evolution’s UI is a chaos.  That makes me wondering if in the end of the (Allan) day, maybe.. maybe Gnome developers are 100% right to remove some functionality from Apps. Too much of it, makes things un-functional.

A coin has two sides, we get a better Evolution, there were some huge changes like the Webkit rendering and the migration from GConf to GSettings, but I am not sure if it is good enough. But as I said I don’t use it,  I don’t know much about it :)

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  • faildora

    holy shit this deadware is still here!

  • Timo

    As long as they dont get away from this whole “all in one” outlook 95 style, cluttered UI, Ill still prefer geary and maya once those are done. There once were some great mockups/plans for a new ui, but those seem to have vanished.

  • arch_is_awesome

    Maybe the GNOME team should drop Evolution and focus on porting Thunderbird to GTK3?