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GNOME Desktop Webapp Chrome Extension

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This is kinda a redundancy of an existing functionality of Chrome Browser -but it does it better- from

Chrome Settings => Tools => Create => Create Application Shortcuts

The same functionality is also available in Epiphany (GNOME Web).

GNOME Web Settings => Save as Web Application

The most interesting part is the NPAPI Plugin which is quite simple to copy if you want to make a Plugin from scratch.


When you install an application from Chrome Store this Extension will also create the .desktop files so you can launch it from Shell Application Overview or adding it in favorites etc etc. If you don’t know what .desktop files are, you can check this post.

For example I have enabled the extension and I installed Chain Reaction (which I haven’t a clue what’s that!) from Chrome Store.


That will automatically create a .desktop file so we can launch Chain Reaction from within Shell as a normal Application.


The desktop file is under


and follows the google convention names in this case


That makes impossible to find the desired files and edit them, so we need to “grep” inside texts. One nice thing that Rodrigo did, was to auto-delete the .desktop files when we delete the web-application from Chrome.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Chain Reaction
GenericName=Chain Reaction
Comment=Create a Chain Reaction of explosions to clear the level!
Exec=chromium "--app="

Notice that it executes

Exec=chromium "--app="

In Fedora Chromium installations this should be

Exec=chromium-browser "--app="

Another useful thing to know is the app flag


That will force the browser to run in Application:Mode without toolbars. If you don’t want this, you can remove it.



You will find the extension at

Clone it

$ git clone

And compiling it with autogen script

$ ./
$ make

I am not sure for all the dependencies it needs but the compiler complained me for missing xxd command, which I first even seen it in my life. In Fedora this tool is included in vim-common package.

$ sudo yum install vim-common

If you have troubles to compile it and you want to use it, first let a comment in Git Issues or I can give you the 64bit binaries.


After compiling it, it will create all the necessary files to install it. This is basically the .CRX file, which I have no clue how to use it :)

Instead you can manually install it. Open Chrome or Chromium (the extension will work in both browsers) at:


Check the developer mode checkbox and select “Load unpacked extension..”


Import the chromium-extension folder


Rodrigo in his blog says that he will upload this extension in Chrome Store. However Google has a very strict policy with NPAPI Plugins and that might never happen.

Don’t forget to check Rodrigo’s blogpost!


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