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Alternate calendar systems in Gnome-Shell

The problem right now is that Gnome-Shell doesn’t support non-Gregorian calendars, so Iranians, Arabs and Israelis can’t easily switch between the two.

The proposal is that users must be able to select their primary and secondary calendar and then the main calendar will be primary one and equal days of secondary calendar will be shown next to dates of main calendar.


Gnome Live page

Gnome TV Mode

The idea behind this proposal is for Gnome to become more easily usable in the context of a TV appliance. The hypothesis here is that you should be able to boot your GNOME session on a “Big Screen Mode” and use most of GNOME apps with a remote controller.

Currently, there aren’t much third-party solutions to make your GNOME computer usable on a TV with remote controller. A GNOME-integrated solution could mean that you’ll be able to write an app for the big screen, using only the existing GNOME framework.


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Data Sync

The idea is to create an app to sync some GNOME data between PC’s. Similar to what Chrome or Firefox do.

The stuff that could be synced using this app are Online Accounts, Wallpapers, Extensions, List of favourite APPS in the dock, Keyboard Shortcuts, Nautilus and Epiphany’s Bookmarks and some other config info.


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Gnome Games

This proposal is about the creation of a games app that would look and work in the same or similar way to Gnome Music, Videos and Photos. Right now native games, wine games, other emulated games and web games are in different places and launched in different ways.

Gnome Games app aims to change all that by making the most, if not all of a user’s games available from one place, bringing a common interface to multiple emulators and keeping the actions needed between launching the app and launching a game to a minimum.


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Gnome Autosave

This proposal aims to replace the traditional notion of manually having to “save” a file in our applications with a new model based on implicit, continuous autosaving. This would make Gnome feel more natural, make data loss more difficult and eliminate unnecessary upfront decisions like file naming and placement.

The proposal includes the autosave of a document on Gnome documents with the preservation of the ability to later change the name, make copies and change the location. The undo function would take you to a previously saved version of the same document that would basically work as “reverting the latest changes”.

This proposal is very interesting and especially hard to implement correctly. You should definitely take a look at the discussion on the corresponding live page.

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Twitter Widget

This proposal is about creating a small tool that would help users instantly tweet from their Gnome desktop. It would also provide the ability to share on Facebook, and evernote.


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Unifying The Tab Experience

A lot of Gnome applications use tab navigation to help users do their thing in a more modern and easier way. These include Empathy, Epiphany (Web), Gedit, Terminal, Gimp, Gnome system monitor and Nautilus (Files).

This proposal is about homogenizing the tab behavior in Gnome, making all applications able to offer the same tab-functions using exactly the same keyboard shortcuts.

Gnome Live page

These are maybe the most interesting proposals in the design playground right now. If you want to see them all, visit the Gnome Playground webpage.

Some of the above proposals are old and probably won’t see the green light, while some of them are new and exciting but hard to implement. Whatever the case, keep in mind that this article is about proposals and nothing more. All of the images on this article are just mockups that you may never see and use in Gnome ever.

The case is, what of the above would you most like to see becoming reality? What do you think would make Gnome truly better and more modern?

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  • bzt

    A Gnome Games application simply HAS to happen anytime soon. I have been wanting a centralized application to launch games from different sources (native, Wine, emulators) for a longer time now. That design proposal looks very much like I imagined it could be as it would fit well alongside the other applications (Documents, Photos, etc). I would love to see this being realized by a motivated developer.

    • alex285

      Even if you can’t launch applications from many sources (which would be awesome), still such application would be cool at least for the native games. Like windows 7 do.

    • Brian Robles

      Yeah, but the problem is games are apps, not files like Photos and Documents, so they logically belong in the games tab of the app overview. Why duplicate the functionality?

      • Kekun

        “Why duplicate the functionality?”

        The goal is to extend the functionnallity : native games are just a tiny part of the games you can play.
        Games are midway between apps and art : all the other pieces of art have special apps to manage them, wich is the goal of Gnome Games.

        • Craig

          Sounds like an 16 year old’s business plan.

          • Kekun

            Except there is no business involved, only passion.

          • Joern Konopka

            I totally support your effort, having Games cluttered all over the File System really is a Problem. Also i don’t see anything wrong with making a little App to present Games like on a Book Shelf (or Game Store) for convenience. But @google-72543ec23213bc74e45167ddcaeae4ad:disqus sure has a point, Games are Apps and the problem you’re trying to solve is really more of a low-level implementation of how do we get all those Games that are started via different methods (through Steam, or through Java) to act like they are just Apps like any other Starter in the Overview. And if you can really solve that problem in a reasonable way i kudos you, but the target should be making those Apps integrate well into the base system first ,without me having to manually setup .desktop files and fixing proper inclusion into a Menu File and _maybe_ have a “Games App” on top of that.

            I know, fixing backend work like this doesn’t involve as much “bling” as a Games App, but it should be the Way it is done and the next Time somebody installs World of Goo via Steam and you have a proper Starter popping up in the Overview, somebody will send you some warm feelings and virtual High Fives for doing something that every user can just benefit from cause it spares them additional work without adding yet another “special” UI.

          • Joern Konopka

            Maybe Steam wasn’t the best example since i guess they actually make proper .desktop files. But you got the point.

    • Kekun

      I just started developping it today (don’t expect it to do something usefull within a week or two :p ).

      • JJ

        Wonderful!!! Keep up the goodwork. Gnome rocks!!

    • subliminal kid

      In the olden days, there was a nifty thing, called Applications menu, that did exactly that.

  • Bastian Hougaard

    Beside my own suggestion, I think Data Sync and keeping games sepearate from other applications are interesting ideas. I see games much more as entertainment/art, like Pictures, Documents, Videos, etc. so for me it seems to make good sense.

  • Philip Witte

    TV Mode looks interesting.. Gnome + Steam :)

    • Craig

      Yup, that’s the only idea here worth persuing. The rest are tack.

  • Craig

    Please don’t use the word “modern”. It’s completely hollow and meaningless in this context.