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Gnome Cupertino GTK theme gets updated

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I can’t say much about this theme other than the fact that it is very carefully designed through a long time, it will make your desktop look like a Mac and if you don’t know what that means cause you never saw a Mac desktop in your like, it means that your desktop will look more polished and more “metalic” and that all window buttons will become rounded and colored. Take a look below:



Version 2.1.1 changelog

This maintenance release includes the following changes:

  • Improved rhythmbox sidebar color
  • Nautilus 3.6: pathbar better spacing, improved icons sidebar color
  • Fixed checkbox and radiobutton symbols in menus
  • Fixed Level-bar widget
  • Fixed synaptic toolbar (GTK3)
  • Other minor fixes

So, do you like the idea of having a Mac-looking Gnome Shell? Gnome Cupertino will certainly deliver :)

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  • Brian Bentsen

    It can also be preferred by users who don’t particularly aim for their windows to look like OS X or anything else, but who just want pretty windows; it’s an attractive and polished theme, I use it for those reasons.

    • alex285

      I agree, one of my favorites themes.

    • billtoulas

      It really is, but I just can’t help thinking that it is something that tried to imitate something else :(

      • alex285

        Then you should stop listening to all music after 1990 ;)

  • Philip Witte

    I gotta say I love this theme. Say what you will about Mac OSX but they got the aesthetics right.
    Using Adwaita GTK theme + Cupertino Window theme looks good as well.

    I use Cupertino + Frieze Shell Theme (+ font change) and it’s gorgeous! Screenshot (Fake Busy):

    • billtoulas

      That looks awesome :)

    • alex285

      Yoo Philip, I got Mac, I got NBA, I got Win8, a very expensive font and a good weather ..In your face ;)

      • Philip Witte

        Haha! I laughed too hard at that. ;-)

  • Ade Malsasa Akbar

    Hello, can I submit my idea about Nautilus here? Or, can you help me to submit? I think Nautilus should have ‘Recent opened folder’ function. It is like Libreoffice. So, I don’t need to browse too deep anymore when I open Nautilus, for a folders frequently I open. It is great for me :) Is it possible? I am sorry if I’m wrong. Thank you, Wogue :)