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GNOME Control Center 3.7.5 Release!

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Easy of Use

GNOME 3.7.5 -so far- comes with 21 panels instead of 18 in GNOME 3.6 and many many new options. What is worth to be mentioned is the good work of GNOME Design Team to provide a really easy to use Settings and adjust your system. All features are discoverable at first sight but I have some complains because some options aren’t clear understandable what they do, and you might need to open the help -which by the way has hugely improved.


I won’t say that this is a completed Settings Center and for sure many things are missing, like the fonts configuration or the Firewall Setup. G-C-C 3.8 is now also closing a ridiculous bug; You can now switch layouts easily without the need of Gnome Tweak Tool.


Yeap. you now can cycle between layouts with <Super+Space> and also with an impressive way! If you have more than 3 layouts, Shell Info will help a lot as  you can pick your layout also with the mouse! Nice one!


I noticed a this small bug in design here. In Notifications Panel I currently have 7 Apps. With the 3.8 release they will become more than a dozen. What If I want to disable/enable the Sound or the Banner Details for all of them? Do I have to check them one by one? There isn’t a general Set.


If you find out such small details that bothers you, you can file a bug in Gnome Bugzilla.

Network Panel

Most of the improvements in 3.7.5 touched the Network Panel. Unfortunately I don’t have a wireless to test it.


The “Options” text button has now been replaced by the Gear Button. The Gear Button has also land in many other GNOME 3 Apps, like Disks. I personally like that practice as long as it remains clear what Options you will find there, and isn’t a “Joker (cards)” button.


The new Design for adding the networks details is pretty and clean. Also there is a new option here to reset or forget network settings like passwords.


The Egg Lists (?) came also in Network. These are just 4 huge buttons. It is a bit strange to see such thing in GNOME, but I +1 it. The cursor on them currently remains arrow.

GNOME Control Center Changelogs

GNOME 3.8 will be a huge improvement over 3.6, and I also listen very good things are happening in Ubuntu Unity. Both Systems are releasing pretty much the same dates and you can get them with Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome Remix -or any other distro you prefer anyway! The point is that Open Source Desktops give really quality choices to people!

GNOME Control Center | 2013-02-7 | Commit by Matthias Clasen

+ Make medium quality the default

+ Allow compiling against NetworkManager 0.9.6
+ Disable ‘Apply’ until things have changed
+ Use symbolic icons consistently

GNOME Control Center 3.7.5 | 2013-02-5 | Commit by Richard Hughes

+ Sort Pictures in order of most recently modified
+ Update for gnome-shell Screenshot API changes

+ Allow the user to remove automatically added profiles
+ Show a summary page when running on a LiveCD
+ Show sRGB and AdobeRGB profiles when selecting a profile for a display
+ Use a EggListBox for the main device display to match the new mockups
+ Use colord-session to calibrate the display

+ Add support for 21:9 displays

+ Add a spinner while connecting
+ Add integrated “Add New Connection”
+ Add VPN support to the connection editor
+ Support new AP-mode hotspot functionality

+ Add a dim screen switch
+ Add idle-delay configuration

+ Attach toolbar controlling jobs to list of jobs

+ Remove screen panel

+ Add a “show password” check button to the screen sharing dialog
+ Don’t show Media sharing without rygel
+ Hide Bluetooth sharing when there is no Bluetooth adapter

+ Activate items on single click

GNOME Control Center 3.7.4 | 2013-01-15 | Commit by Bastien Nocera

+ Add new Sharing panel
+ Add bash completion file
+ Use GResources to handle UI files

+ Make scrollbars reach to the edge of the window
+ Don’t search in .desktop file descriptions
+ Remove prelight from search results
+ Make search results descriptions dimmer
+ Fix keyboard navigation in the search results and the main view
+ Add –search and –list command-line options
+ Add support for the back mouse button

Region & Language
+ Add per-window input sources setting

+ Allow key repeat rate of 110 chars/sec
+ Add input-source-switcher to the shortcuts

+ Implement the new Power panel design

+ Only show the calibrate or add buttons when the device is selected
+ Don’t crash if no sensors are plugged in

User Accounts
+ Port to use libaccountsservice (and drop the systemd direct dependency)
+ Fix crash when built with cheese support
+ Handle the real name not being set
+ Add login history dialogue

+ Control acceptance of jobs with enable switch

+ Details

GNOME Control Center 3.7.3 | 2012-12-20 | Commit by Bastien Nocera

+ Remove fallback session handling code
+ Add search panel
+ Add privacy panel
+ Add notifications panel
+ Use the proper Unicode ellipsis (…) instead of three dots

+ Remove the previous panel when switching to a new one
+ Don’t remove old panel if new one is broken
+ Add F1 shortcut to show the help
+ Rename to Settings
+ Ensure the home button is the correct height
+ Fix alignment of home button in RTL languages
+ Make all the plugins static

+ Fix not having 3 columns in high contrast

+ Do not use a combobox when listing profiles to add to devices

+ Avoid possible loops when Connection fails
+ Fix main switch acting bizarrely
+ Use spinner when connecting
+ Align the device list with the all settings button
+ Remove ObexFTP browsing from the UI

+ Make sure flight mode is always visible
+ Make sure Airplane mode switch everything off
+ Ensure IMEI is displayed and reload Operator Name when it changes
+ Also load IMEI and Operator Name for LTE-only modems

+ Avoid possible loops when Connection fails

Date and Time
+ Do not offer the 12 hr clock in locales without AM/PM

+ Point to a more specific help page
+ Add support for msgctxt in keybindings
+ Improve shortcuts tab keynav

+ Show in Unity
+ Fix problems when adding new printers

+ Hide in Unity

+ Show in Unity
+ Fix possible crasher on startup when the X11Variant are empty
+ Offer logout options after changing language
+ Add Japanese to the popular languages
+ Show popular languages in their own language
+ Fix other user’s languages never getting added
+ Make ‘Add’ dialogs consistent
+ Reinstate the separator in the languages list
+ Fix button alignment problem
+ the language chooser resizing during load

+ Clarify “sound events”
+ Fix possible crasher
+ Use libgnome-volume-control

+ Set the hostname only after a small delay

+ Rename from User Accounts
+ Show the password by default once generated
+ Fix resetting one’s avatar
+ Add “last login” field

Online Accounts
+ Don’t preselect the first item when adding an account
+ Align the accounts list with the all settings button
+ Only allow adding accounts if the network is available

Universal Access
+ Set the dialog hint on the zoom options
+ Also set the WM HighContrast theme when the switch is flipped

+ Add distro information
+ Add CPU model on ARM
+ Avoid adding phantom “Unknown model” CPU on PPC64

+ Add support for the new OSD help display

GNOME Control Center 3.7.1 | 2012-10-22 | Commit by Bastien Nocera

+ Improve contexts for ambiguous strings

+ Optimise preview for the usual shell layout
+ Handle copy cancellation correctly
+ Fix crash when exiting panel too quickly

+ Ensure the dir name shown matches the XDG Pictures dir

+ Rename “Wireless” to “Wi-Fi” in the UI
+ Add more keywords to the desktop file
+ Fix 8021x connections
+ Add an ‘Ignore Hosts’ entry to the proxy page
+ Minimal support for unrecognized device types
+ Add support for showing bond slaves

+ Don’t show touchpad disable button when there’s no mouse

+ Handle brightness calls finishing after we’re done

+ Don’t block for PackageKit
+ Detect and display Virtualisation method used

User Accounts
+ Remove the autologin checkmark
+ Logged in status identification
+ Complete discover on failure
+ Remove the realmd version check
+ Recognize that some kerberos domains cannot be joined
+ Set timeouts on all realmd interface proxies
+ Don’t have domains twice in the drop down
+ Require logind for session tracking
+ fix wrong sensitivity of the autologin combo

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  • timorei

    Still waiting for the evolution overhaul that was discussed over a year ago. Contacts, Mail, Chat and Social Media as well as Calendar and Documents make it really interesting to get rid of that dinosaur-all-in-one-outlook interface.

  • Ron

    It’s ok to install it on Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10? If yes, how to?

    • alex285

      You need 13.04, and that means a daily build. I don’t know if UGR has daily builds, if not you need to get Ubuntu daily and add some PPAs

      • Ron

        Thanks. (:

      • JJ

        You can use ricots testing repo to install it in 12.10. Though that repo is quite unstable so you could install it once and disable the repo (unless u r okay with breakages)

        • alex285

          For Control Center 3.8, I think you need to use 13.04 and Ricotz Staging.

          • Jeremy Bicha

            I recommend the GNOME3 Staging PPA on top of 13.04 if you want to try GNOME 3.7.5 on Ubuntu. Be aware that there are known regressions (one is that I need to use sudo pm-suspend to suspend) with the packages there which is why it’s not in 13.04 directly or the GNOME3 PPA. In other words, some things will be broken so don’t use it unless you know how to fix problems or will be willing to reinstall if things break too badly.


          • alex285

            Will you release a UGR daily or you will release directly a beta?

          • Ron

            Yeah. It’s a great question.

          • Ron

            Thanks, Jeremy.