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Gnome Control Center 3.5.6 Release!

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GCC 3.5.6 with dark skin

Most of the changes are made towards the Network Support.

Changelog 3.5.6

  • Add man page


  • Fix possible error when the preferred mode is only available on one of the two outputs in mirror mode


  • Fix critical warning after calibration
  • Only do calibration for the selected tool


  • Make ibus code more robust
  • Handle being opened twice gracefully
  • Require ibus 1.4.99 if ibus support is requested

User accounts:

  • Update for realmd 0.6
  • Strip remote D-Bus errors from user-visible messages
  • Fix memory leaks


  • Refactoring for mobile broadband support and bug fixes
  • Split the wireless panel
  • Only show extra details for the active connection
  • Add network strength to the details panel
  • Only show the disconnect button when a device is fully activated
  • Fix crash with Access Points with non UTF-8 names
  • Forget the last selected wireless network when the button is clicked
  • Improve hotspot dialogue


  • Add support for CUPS 1.6
  • Don’t restrict the PPD list to PPDs with DeviceIDs
  • Cancel async operations correctly
  • Move jobs to a separate dialogue

Brightness & Lock:

  • Make “show notifications” available even if we don’t lock the screen automatically


  • Adapt for changed API in PackageKit
  • Small UI bug fixes

GCC 3.5.6 with default light skin

Bump to Version 3.5.6

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  • Dennis

    Thank you for the news. As usually fast and reliable

  • Guest

    Oh the gray lines and the change on these search-box-bar (was not withe in 3.4.x) make it looks clean. Also now you see that you can grap the window at this point to (which is fun, because you haven’t to point with the mouse so correctly and its like throw the window around (Fitts’s law works ;))

    And there is no Bluetooth icon anymore (in archlinux with 3.4 so see also an Bluetooth icon if you haven’t Bluetooth) <- is this a change which comes with 3.5.6 or is this because you haven't installed a special Bluetooth package?

    • alex285

      Wow, you are quite observant. Yeap I missed bluetooth package. BT is still there, Sorry!

  • Roland Taylor

    “Ubuntu forked it” yadayada.

    If you don’t know much just don’t say anything okay?

    • alex285

      They didn’t it? I cannot find Gnome-Control-Center upstream in Canonical, plus there is that link that Canonical says about forking it. Did they change their mind?

      • Roland Taylor

        All I’m saying is, you don’t know if Ubuntu users will never see it. Ubuntu “forked” it so they could more easily maintain patches, but as of this point we don’t know if they will still take upstream changes or not (or much else yet for that matter).

        I’m just trying to remind you that just because you have a bias doesn’t mean you should make statements like that, because quite honestly we don’t know that.

        • alex285

          “Ubuntu users may never see it as Canonical decided to fork it, possibly by a name like Ubuntu Control Center, but I don’t really know much about it.”

          I said “may”, that means they might yes, they might no. Then I post the link that says about forking and the change of the name. And finally i said I don’t know whats happening next. But forking is fact.