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Gnome Control Center 3.5.4 curtain transitions!

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Gnome Control Center won’t be the only module with Clutter support, more will follow or are already following. I used Gnome’s fallback mode just for a change.

You better try HD

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  • Satyajit Sahoo

    Nice animations.

  • Guest

    I like the transition effect, I don’t get the UI metaphor behind it, but I like it.
    Looks like fun, how I can find the repository which I have to clon to try it by myself? And which compiler flags are best used for it?

  • ScionicSpectre

    While it does look nice, I have to agree with ‘Guest’ that I don’t quite understand its purpose, what it adds to the experience. It doesn’t exactly make sense on a touch device (it implies you can swipe back over to the categories view), and on the desktop it is a bit jarring. A fade would make a bit more sense, but I still think that would be unnecessary. I guess the one benefit is that it’s not such a sudden change, but it still feels like we could have done a multitude of other things that would have suited this ‘problem’ better.

    Still, I guess it looks alright. XD

    • travesseiro

       I agree. Maybe someone could find out the reasoning behind this. In my opinion a fade sounds good.

      • Foobaro

        It took me a few clicks to figure out that the window get reused for each icon the very first time I used the controll center. I thought it simply opens a new (larger) window that hides the menu. The effects should fix that.

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