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GNOME Control Center 3.12 Beta Release!

GNOME 3.11.90 (aka GNOME 3.12 Beta) released yesterday, but most of the modules are bumping today in the UI freeze version, when Shell 3.11.90 hasn’t been released yet. G-C-C doesn’t bring huge changes and I was expecting more, as a better design (similar to Tweak Tool), maybe a Firewall Panel and a better handling of our privacy per application.

However G-C-C comes with a nice last minute change. We can now choose backgrounds from our Flickr account!


You supposed to can pick wallpapers from Pictures panel, but for some reason it crashes so I can’t really try it. Here’s the patch from Debarshi Ray,

  • Add Support For Flickr Pictures (#707569)

On GNOME Online Accounts aside from various bug fixes, we have support for Facebook Pictures (used in Photos), support for Windows Live Mail, support for Pocket Service and support for Google Cloud Printers.


Without directly considering G-C-C there is also a Terminal Provider (which is an amazing feature) and Software provider that brings applications in Shell Search Overview from GNOME Software.


Probably there are more awesome features that I can’t test as wacom, bluetooth and printers, so full change-logs are following :)

3.11.1 / Oct 30, 2013


  • Allow setting system-wide formats
  • Never show “None” for language and formats

Power, Display:

  • Update for new UPower API


  • Remove apparently duplicated autostart category
  • Use gnome-software for showing the list of updates if installed

Universal Access:

  • Split keywords with spaces

3.11.2 / Nov 20, 2013


  • Fix slider on Inking Pen page


  • Fix compilation with libsocialweb


  • Remove OBEX FTP support
  • Fix Bluetooth label always being off
  • Make it possible to add new folders
  • Fix a crash when turning off sharing


  • Fix automatic suspend popup sizing


  • Improve rtl appearance by flipping margins

3.11.3 / Dec 17, 2013


  • Set iconview number of columns to 6


  • Fix small memory leak


  • New panel


  • Add an ‘upside-down’ button


  • Set mnemonic widget for labels and values in connection details


  • Fix a crash if the user closes the window after calibrating
  • Actually show the whitepoint selector

Sharing and Power:

  • Use gnome-settings-daemon’s rfkill Bluetooth support


  • Hide tab borders by default
  • Clear background on “target” actor in calibration UI
  • Don’t use monitor geometry X/Y when calculating calibration
  • Forgive inconspicuous double clicks when calibrating
  • Fix possible crashers when the calibration window goes away
  • Protect calibrator UI to spawn animations multiple times
  • Fix first animation of calibration

3.11.5 / Feb 4, 2014 


  • Activate application when launching a panel
  • Disable type-ahead in search window
  • Fix headerbar item positions following gtk+ headerbar changes


  • The chooser should have exactly 3 columns
  • Add PNM and JPEG 2000 to the list of valid content types
  • Add a placeholder icon before creating thumbnails

Date & Time:

  • Set the filechooser clock format too


  • Hide Size label when empty
  • Only show rotation options if we support them


  • Fix possible crasher when exiting panel


  • Add a Team type to connection editor
  • Give an empty title to the hotspot dialog
  • Hide hotspot dialog on Escape


  • Fix invalid format string

Online Accounts:

  • Mention Pocket in the keywords


  • If battery is fully charged but 99%, just round it up


  • Show correct time of print job
  • Plug a memory leak


  • Fix the alignment of the combobox in the Screen Lock dialog


  • Do not show Login button if localed is not available


  • Improve logged-in check when deleting users to catch console logins

3.11.90 / Feb 18, 2014 


  • Add Flickr support for backgrounds
  • Fix linking of test program
  • Guard against XDG_PICTURES_DIR not being defined


  • Show a static “Check for updates” button


  • Fix touch support for the testing widget


  • Fix build with NM 0.9.8.x
  • Don’t warn for invalid settings
  • Allow an empty gateway address in the connection editor
  • Allow selecting a specific VPN or virtual interface
  • Handle argv after cold-plugging connections


  • Whitelist a few more options for the 3rd level chooser


  • Vertically center text for no devices
  • Use “Default printer” instead of “Default”
  • Don’t wait for “Return” to start search
  • Don’t show tooltip on clear icon when searching for printers
  • Don’t react to icon-press when searching for new printers
  • Delay searching for remote printers


  • Add option to control GNOME Software usage stats


  • Address ambiguity in the screen sharing dialog

Universal Access:

  • Use ‘&’ instead of ‘and’

User Accounts:

  • Use POSIX for max login name length

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