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Gnome Control Center 3.10 comes with redesigned modules!

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Controlling, changing settings, fine tuning and bringing the system closer to your needs is a vital thing and a point of special attention for Gnome users and developers. Gnome’s default tool for completing the important task of setting your system is constantly evolving to fit user needs and make our life easier with more options, better functionality and greater abilities.

The upcoming 3.10 version will be an improvement in all sectors for the particular tool, but the success of this evolution can take form in nothing else than the actual redesign of some modules that are now more ergonomic, more functional and easier to work with. Here are some screens showing the new designs of the Date and Time, Displays, Universal Access menu and the Power settings:





Apart from the design changes, the 3.10 control center is much less prone to silly mistakes and crashes due to wrong or no longer existent files, keys and entries, more modern leaving behind obsolete libraries and porting to new ones, more consistent to Gnome as now it uses GtkHeaderBar as the window’s title bar and GtkSearchBar for the search entry, has hugely improved User Settings functionality and security issues and also supports Telepathy accounts on the On-Line Accounts module.

The control center has not yet reached the point of perfection and no matter what, there will always be people that need this setting or the other before this one or under that one, so there isn’t a way to cover every advanced need through this tool ever. What is a realistic goal though, is to create a tool that will offer the ability to configure all basic system settings according to modern users needs and to be able to do that fast and with minimum effort, and this version of Gnome’s control center is certainly heading fast towards that direction!

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  • Goddard

    Good work, but will we see more advance options in the future?


    • Michael Heyns

      I sure hope so…

    • Guest

      “Advance options”?

      Choose an option:
      – Advance to the right.
      – Advance to the left.

      Like this?

    • LorgnocOspYe

      Depends on what it is for you an advanced option. You’ll have more luck if you ask the option you need.

    • Teucs

      More advanced features are included in GNOME Tweak Tool. There is no shame in using it since it is official part of the desktop, afaik. You might ask why it is separate from the main system settings, but I believe the settings in tweak tool are supposed to be more of tweaking in nature, ie. not official intended features. GNOME wants to deliver a unified experience so font configuration, etc. are under the tweak tool. I could be wrong on this though as I have nothing to do with the development of GNOME, so take these statements with a grain of salt.

      BTW, The Tweak Tool is also redesigned – or is at least a work in progress. It looks pretty sexy.

      It would actually be cool if GNOME Tweak Tool could be launched from withing System Settings like in elementary OS Pantheon DE. It would feel more integrated but wouldn’t interfere with the official settings (and especially the intended experience) too much.

      • jhenning

        Absolutely. Why not just having a launcher for “Advanced Settings” in the settings panel when tweak tool is installed?

        • IsacDaavid
          • jhenning

            That looks kinda OK, but what I had in mind was an additional icon for Tweak Tool called “advanced settings” in the control center. Only if Tweak Tool is actually installed of course. That would give Tweak Tool a more “official” taste.

  • jod

    Corners don’t seem to be consistent. Some rounded some square and a square outline around the rounded ones

  • fijas

    Is it me or does that wallpaper add a lot of depth to the desktop??

  • IsacDaavid

    why are tabs so out-of-fashion nowadays? are they bad for touchscreens or what?

    • KD

      If you talk about only this case of Control Center UI – there is no good reason to use tabs, when it can be relpaced with slightly longer list.