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Gnome Chess 3.9.4 comes with UI changes!

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Gnome Chess is Gnome’s default chess application for doing basic things like playing against a chess machine like Crafty or GNU Chess and generally killing some time playing the best game that humanity has to show.  It is not an advanced analysis tool, nor an application for organizing Swiss type tournaments. It aims on simplicity and Gnome DE coherence and this development version goes one step closer on exactly that.

The changes include user interface changes like the removal of the menubar and the further emergence of the toolbar that received more items and is now mandatory. Also, an app menu was added finally so that users can use Gnome Chess in the same way they use most applications and tools under Gnome.


Here is the list with all the changes done for the 3.9.4 release:

  • Added an application menu
  • Removed the menubar
  • Added several items to the toolbar
  • The toolbar is now mandatory
  • Fix crash when using Undo while viewing a previous move
  • Fix crash after completing a timed game where the timer did not expire
  • Fix insanely small load game dialog
  • Save and load players’ time remaining in timed games
  • Better decide when and when not to autosave a game
  • King and bishop vs. king and bishop on opposite color is not insufficient material
  • Set a default filename with the .pgn extension for the save game dialog
  • When prompting to save a completed game, use a more natural message
  • After prompting to save before starting a new game, prompt for a save location instead of autosaving
  • Slight improvements to the promotion type selection dialog
  • “Human” move descriptons now more naturally describe castling
  • Add a 256×256 icon
  • Translation updates

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  • Evropi

    Oh neat, a woGue post on chess!

    If anyone wants to play chess online with a kinky HTML5 interface, also check out this open source (!) project I’m involved in as a bug and UX tester, as well as Greek translator. :)

    Gnome Chess is really cool, but there’s nothing quite like Lichess’s community and features. So if you like chess and like open source, is the place you should go to! Even if you don’t like open source, we are not aware of any proprietary chess websites that are good enough to compete. ;)

    • Guest

      Lichess is the best choice. The site does not ask for donations or contain ads, is free, attractive and always being updated by request.