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Gnome Chess 3.8.3

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The latest minor release of Gnome Chess brings a batch of important fixes for our default chess app. The changes concern both under the hood fixes and game functionality improvements. Here is the list with the most important changes:

  • Time remaining is now saved when saving a timed game
  • The chess clock now starts after White’s first move
  • Fix segfault when using Undo Move while viewing a previous turn (Chris Cummins)
  • Fix segfault after playing a timed game, then starting a new game, when the original game’s timer expired
  • Fix massive CPU usage after playing vs. an engine, then starting a new game
  • Fix the very small save/load dialogs
  • The clock now stops at the end of the game
  • More sensibly set sensitivity of undo, resign, claim draw, and save options
  • Games now save with .pgn extension by default
  • Save now works as expected (instead of functioning the same as Save As)
  • Insufficient material: King and bishop can checkmate king and bishop on opposite color
  • Allow controlling the AI’s pieces if no engines are installed (e.g. after loading a game vs. an engine)


Don’t forget that Gnome Chess which is part of Gnome games package and thus part of Gnome, is a program in which various chess engines can be ran. It is quite simplistic and easy to configure and use for every-day “fighting”, and not suitable as an analysis tool.

The default chess engine that comes with the application is GNU Chess, but you can always download more and expand the strategic possibilities and positional varieties when playing in front of your computer screen. To found out how, read this article.

Road to 3.10

Apart from the current bug fixing and functionality corrections, the development team also proceeds with forming the 3.10 version of Gnome’s default Chess app, and it looks like the support for other chess engines will be better. Some of the most important new things already implemented through versions 3.9.1 and 3.9.2 are the following:

  • Fix Stockfish engine integration
  • Specify the opposing engine in saved games even if it is the default
  • Sensibly set the sensitivity of Smooth Display and Piece Style preferences depending on if 3D view is enabled
  • Improve sensitivity checks for Save As, Undo Move, Resign, and Claim Draw
  • Increase default window width to 700
  • Improve the algorithm for detecting insufficient material
  • Fix AI hang when Phalanx attempts to promote a pawn

  Gnome Chess Website

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