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GNOME Character Map Updates To Unicode 7.0!

Unicode (shortly 7.0) released in June 2014 but the publication date is planned for October 15, 2014. Previous release was Unicode 6.3 that was including 110,187 characters. Unicode 7.0 adds 2,834 more and it also defines 250 new Emoticons.

[caption id="attachment_26958" align="aligncenter" width="640"]char-map-313-unicode7 GNOME Character Map 3.13.x, includes the latest Unicode specifications[/caption]

Christian Persch (Terminal main dev) added the Unicode 7.0 specifications in GNOME Character Map today with a -40432/+40455 lines patch. I guess that if you run an older GNOME you will still receive this change.

Unicode 7.0 Summary

Unicode 7.0 adds a total of 2,834 characters, encompassing 23 new scripts and many new symbols, as well as character additions to many existing scripts. Notable character additions include the following:

  • Two newly adopted currency symbols: the manat, used in Azerbaijan, and the ruble, used in Russia and other countries
  • Pictographic symbols (including many emoji), geometric symbols, arrows, and ornaments originating from the Wingdings and Webdings sets
  • Twenty-three new lesser-used and historic scripts extending support for written languages of North America, China, India, other Asian countries, and Africa
  • Letters used in Teuthonista and other transcriptional systems, and a new notational set, Duployan

Other important updates in Unicode Version 7.0 include:

  • Significant reorganization of the chapters and layout of the core specification, and a new page size tailored for easy viewing on e-readers and other mobile devices
  • Alignment with updates to the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
  • Further clarification of the case pair stability policy, and a new stability policy for Numeric_Type
  • Significant updates to Unihan with the addition of nearly 3,000 new Cantonese pronunciation entries
  • Major enhancements to the Indic script properties that lay the foundation for improved, more interoperable display of these scripts

Read the full technical specifications at:

Unicode 7.0 Character Code Charts are available at:



Characters that aren’t draw, are Unicode 7.0 specified, and currently aren’t supported from the font (Droid Sans).

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  • mirek2

    The screenshots with Helvetica (or is that a Helvetica look-alike?) always make me cringe.
    What’s so bad about Cantarell?

    • alex285

      @mirek2:disqus really how you could noticed that are Helvetica? I mean how? :)
      Nothing wrong with cantarel, but I’m changing fonts all every while