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Gnome-Catgen | Creating Shell AppFolders If !Software e.g Arch/Antergos

AppsFolders on Antergos | GNOME 3.12

Creating App-Folders requires GNOME Software. As you might know some distros like Arch/Antergos don’t provide (yet?) the Software App. So to create AppFolders there, we need to mess around with GSettings. (How to Arch Wiki).

I was about to make a post how to create AppFolders by exporting/importing a dconf-file (I will do this later if it is proved an easy way), so no need to use GSettings commands, but someone just pointed me out a newly created script to do this work.

I won’t give instructions how it works, because this utility is quite fresh (updated an hour ago) and prurigro (the author) might change things soon.

It is quite simple, there are instructions, it is written in bash (CLI), use it with caution!

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