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Gnome Calendar latest Mockups!

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However the below designs are very likely to happen in 3.8. Another good point to show these, is the obvious effort of Gnome Team to break the all-in-one Evolution paradigm, to smaller well defined and easy to use applications, like Calendar, Notes, Email etc.

The description of each image is easily understandable by its name.

The design work has been made mostly by  Reda –0rAX0– Lazri and Erick Pérez Castellanos is the main developer.

While things are moving fast on Cloud side, Applications that are sync with online services have the huge advantage that they can manage multiple accounts from multiple providers. Even managing just 3 Gmail Accounts (3 calendars etc) in a web-browser is a very painful process.

This work is incomplete and hasn’t been yet uploaded in Gnome Live for further discussion but you always have to check on there anyway :)

Calendar in Gnome Live!

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  • Moez Bouhlel

    yeh, that’s what i were always waiting for :-)
    i can’t wait any more for ubuntu gnome remix 13.04
    and i hope that some other designs will implement some parts of this cood design

  • André Klausnitzer

    I simply love these Gnome guys; great stuff! (o: This looks like the best calender app out there (not only in the gnu space)

  • Matheus Ligabue

    I really like the layout and the simplicity of it. Couldn’t help noticing the use of white popovers, which clearly seems to be inspired by elementary OS designs (and 0rAX0 being the creator of the beautiful eOS Gnome Shell theme, I’m almost sure of it). The main peeve I have with default GNOME is Adwaita. It’s simply too boring and dull, and doesn’t add value to the beautiful GNOME apps design.

    It’s been an exciting time for the world of Linux UI enthusiasts. Many new ideas are appearing and serious consideration of the user experience has been pushed forward. Now we just have to wait ( or take part of it, as this is what open source is about) and see where things will go!

  • Nical

    This looks really good. I hope this design will stay.

  • pt3

    I hope they don’t make it depend on Evolution. The Maya calendar from Elementary which looks great but the development has stagnated

    • alex285

      All Apps from Elementary look great and Gnome shares a lot with it. Many modules depend on evolution-data-server, but not directly to Evolution.

  • Guest

    Wow, looks great, but hopefully you can made Monday to the first weekday and fold the hours before 5am and after 10pm

  • Bob

    It would be nice to add people as links similar o the way that I do in facebook.

    • Bob

      That is: If you. type a name inside the comment field then this person is suggested as a participant.

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  • Anton Stoychev

    Is this still live? The Gnome Calendar app? I cant find info anywhere

    • alex285

      yes it is alive, but it won’t come in 3.12