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Gnome Boston Summit 2012: Newcomers Edition

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We already have informed you about this since last month, but as the summit date is now close I thought it would be a good idea to focus again.

The initially five proposals have now become 8 categorized as follows:

Hacking/developer track:

  • ThreePointFive/Features
  • GnomeOS
  • GobjectIntrospection
  • EnterpriseReady
  • GNOME Website track

Casual track:

  • Installing Linux/GNOME on your computer
  • Introduction to GTK+
  • Gnome University (“Teach me C” project)

There has been the great decision that this year, the attention to newcomers will be increased with more newbie-oriented set of seasons that will run in parallel with “getting things done. There we can learn how to use C, how to install Gnome on your computer, how to contribute and even how to fix your first bug on a special mini-hackfest!

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  • Globulus

    Yes, that is good news!
    Gnome is awesome and idea of GnomeOS seems great!
    That is the first steps of Gnome community to create their own “ecosystem” for the vanilla Gnome experience!

  • Philip Witte

    GnomeOS should be based off of Arch Linux :) Nothing beats rolling release (and there’s LTS packages too). Just add a software center “layer” on top of the Arch repos which includes some install scripts for things like Catalyst, etc.. and which also supports things like ratings, comments, screenshots/videos, etc… that would be awesome!

    • Bill_Toulas

      Things are always simple, but never simply simple :)