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GNOME at SCALE 12x | Southern California Linux Expo

GNOME hopefully will have a presence at 12th California Export, taking place in February 21-23, @Hilton Los Angeles Airport.

Gareth J. Greenaway from SCALE 12x says,

I realize it’s very late in the game for this but I wanted to extend an invitation to GNOME to have a presence at the upcoming Southern California Linux Expo. The show will be taking place February 21st – 23rd, so it is fast approaching. The past few years we’ve had a GNOME presence at the show, headed up by Jeff Schroeder, unfortunately for us Jeff moved out of California and was no longer able to help in this area. I’m hoping that someone will be able to fill this role.

We are prepared to offer GNOME a booth on our show floor including all the usual amenities such as electricity, Internet access, furniture and passes to the show for any volunteers who will be helping at the booth during the show. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Still GNOME Foundation hasn’t arranged a booth, but I guess they will do something since Red Hat is one of the Platinum Sponsors of the event.


Learn more @

GNOME developer Christian Hergert, says:

I used to join in and help Jeff when I lived in SoCal. This is an awesome conference and highly recommended

So if you are around don’t miss it!

Do you want to join GNOME presence? Leave a message at:

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