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Gnome Asia 2013 photos

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Gnome Asia 2013 took place in Seoul at 24 and 25 of May and was admittedly a great success. People met and talked about all things Gnome, new technologies and the place of our favorite DE inside them, developers met for the first time and users had the chance to meet with the creators of their system. So, here are some photographs from the event and some videos from speeches (click to enlarge)

From Anish Patil blog:

P1110197   P1110205   P1110206   P1110426

From Allan Day blog:

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From all around:

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  • Craig

    You’re using browser-scaled 1600×1200 images for thumbnails here. Isn’t that kind of bad practice? It makes for very choppy scrolling.

  • Sammy Fung

    Hi Bill, I am one of GNOME Asia committee member, thanks for your posting! :)

    Korea local team suggest that you may add this video to your post too. :)

    • billtoulas

      Just added! Thanks for sharing this :)

      • Sammy Fung

        Thanks ^^