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GNOME added a Context Menu in Message Tray

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Context Menu in Message Tray

That closes bug #691035 and adds a way to clear all notifications at once. At the moment gnome.bugzilla is down, but I think the button to launch Notification Settings came as a bonus and it wasn’t originally planned.


<Clear> will remove only notifications and not instant messaging banners. Launching Notifications Settings from here can prove handy, as we can quickly change a setting in a new comer notification, like sound. I think not many people will setup notifications profile from the beginning.

What is noticeable here, is the fact that this is the first time that Shell gains a right click support over an area and not an single item, as happens with Favorites Panel.

Aside from the new Notification API (which is currently in progress) and promises to make people’s (devs & users) life easier,  and all the new things that have come in GNOME 3.8, like the Notifications Filtering, the fast response in upcoming chats with <Super+N>, the re-designed way to open Message Tray etc, there are some more  nice details.

For example. volume control will now show the actual sound output device.


A headphone icon is added next to the sound/speaker icon if we connect our headphones. That will help us to figure out why sound is not working if we had forgotten headphones on.


And that change is also displayed in Shell OSD


Where is the fish?!?

I launched “Free The Fish” and I discovered the Wanda original icon was missing and instead had a Smile Icon.


I hope this is just a bug!

Free the Fish is an EasterEgg of Shell and it needs Fortune program to work. However Fedora doesn’t ship it by default, so if you want to add it you can:

$ sudo yum install fortune-mod

<fortune-mod> package is also for Ubuntu.

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  • JJ

    Sound icon doesn’t change to a headphone icon. A headphone icon is added next to the sound/speaker icon

    • alex285

      Thanks, I fixed that!

  • António Fernandes

    The message tray context menu is a bit awkward, but it is a very useful addition.

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  • hells_dark

    Nice details =)

  • Giovanni Campagna

    Free the fish requires to have some fish in the sea (= to have gnome-panel).

    The headphone icon requires PulseAudio >= 2.0. Even then, probably the heuristics used to match against ALSA path names are not general enough, so it would be great if you could file a bug describing your system and attaching the output of “pactl info” with and without headphones.

    • alex285

      Actually I updated the images with headphone icon displayed. What’s happening is that headphone icon is displayed only when I plug-in it on the front case of my box, and not in the rear or directly in Speakers input.