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Gnome Accessibility 353 ..and Unity 3d

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[1] The Screen Reader option in Shell’s top panel

[2] I couldn’t try it because Orca was hanging after the loading screen.  No matter the changes in Orca they kept the same loading image :(

[3] A re-designed menu for Accessibility. However magnifier patches haven’t been pushed in 353

[4] Typing gained a new option:  Enable by keyboard

[5] Large text and high contrast enabled ;)

[6] The on Screen Keyboard hasn’t yet an high contrast theme

[7] Gnome Shell Overview in high contrast. Check Empathy’s icon on right bottom!

[8] And GTK’s high contrast theme


I was looking about performance regression with accessibility always on feature in Gnome and Atk which is the Accessibility interface for Gnome libraries like GTK. And I discovered something that was unknown to me and a bit irrelevant on this post, but I thought to share it.

I found out that accessibility isn’t working with Unity 3d and for this reason (among 2 others) Canonical will keep Unity 2d which was supposed to be dropped in Ubuntu 12.10. So if you are in Unity 3d and for some reason you want to use accessibility you have to log out and log back again in Unity 2d!

Unity 2d has a funny story. First they introduced it for boxes without 3d support. Then they decided to drop it because they managed to run Unity 3d with 3d software rendering. And now they keep it because they cannot have accessibility in Unity 3d!

Didier Roche said in Ubuntu’s mailing list:

We don’t want to regress our user experience, so we will drop it only if Unity 3D has:

  • llvmpipe and opengles support, with tested and acceptable performance
  • accessibility support
  • RTL support

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