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Gnome 352 screen casting review :)

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Gnome Shell’s new face will come in 3.5.3, that is a week from now. And of course we are going to present it first here! In this review I couldn’t test GOA (Gnome Online Accounts) and therefore Contacts, Documents, Empathy and Shell’s messaging. It was bugged but is ok, next week :)


Just to verify that noting has changed in Gnome Shell 352.. Yeap, categories are still here :)


The Nautilus has been renamed to Files and also acquired a Connect to Server Shortcut that will make many people happy!


Totem’s new name is Videos. Also got a nice new application menu. Don’t forget to check Cloud Videos Viewer!


Web has dozens of amazing new features for upcoming releases. These features didn’t make it on time for 3.5.2 :(


One of these features was the Jumplists. Not ready yet in any Gnome module :(


The new user menu. Online accounts got a new place inside settings and “Power Off” is by default here.


Not any change for the calendar. But.. But… Great things are planned to happen here.. Just wait!


I don’t even know why I printed that screen. Anyway is the power off menu of Gnome..


Pay attention at Pause Option on Application Menu. Gnome Developers are obviously irrelevant to Tetris (Quadrapassel – what a name!). Yoo devs, you don’t have time to pause it there ;)


Nothing really new here in first sight. However Wacom has got many new useful additions. What still bothers me is that they insist to don’t include Gnome-Tweak-Tool (Advanced Settings) in here. We wanna to change icons out of box !  Two years and still nothing… is too much…


Aww that is nice. An improved software installation manager. However it was broken :) Also Fedora updates Yum to a faster package manager.. Fedora+Gnome seems to grow well together. But we’ll have another post for it.


And a software logger to review our actions. Superb! I guess that there will be a roll-back option available too somewhere :)


GOA with just MS Live and Google. Did you know that GOA also supports Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo? They just haven’t enabled all cause of some licenses issues.


The new Gnome Fonts Viewer. It has an font installation button, but not a thumbnail export option. You have to print screen it? Dummy..


This is the Evolution 3.5.2. I don’t use Evo so I can’t really find any difference with the old one. But I do know that Evo will get a new webkit rendering mechanism instead of the old GtkHtml or something, I am not sure for this.


This is the Gnome Disk App. Clean and useful, nice one.


Wooow, the great contribution of Canonical to Gnome, a DConf Editor! Thank you Canonical, Open Source feels stronger on your shoulders :)


Finally an SQLite client.  I found it in applications, and I just opened it from curiosity :)


Oh well I had 19 Gnome images. I wanted to get a round 20.  It is summer time many of you enjoy the seas and if you want to enjoy them in the years to come..

Save the comments, do the thinking  GREENPEACE Defend Oceans

That was all, till next week’s 3.5.3 review!


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  • Dave

    Really like these long, picture filled posts.  Keep ’em coming!

  • Alaa Hossam

    aww man,SIGH,I thought the new gnome software center will be there,also videos with cloud streaming capabilities,well I guess looking at all the features thats supposed to be in gnome OS got my hopes up pretty high for this gnome release,btw ubuntu startup disk won’t recognise the .iso image,I’ll try again in windows,help is much appreciated.

    • alex285

      If you carefully read our post for Gnome Software Center we said it will come in the next two releases (if). Also you can read our Sticky post about the mockups we do here. 

      • Alaa Hossam


    • Miquel Mayol i Tur

      There are a software that works in ubuntu and Sabayon called Multisystem and other called yumi for MS WOS that allow you to put several ISO images to boot from your pendrive.

      If you know how to edit grub, you can copy paste, and – change some directory – the USB grub entries and put the ISOs at your / boot directory to have this Live ISO images available from your own HDD

  • Sasan

    Well done gnome developers!
    btw, how do you get the latest gnome packages in fedora?

    • alex285

      By enabling Rawhide. Obviously this will make your box unstable even unbootable, but you can try it on VBox.

  • simon

    lol The Gnome devs moved the option to set a homepage in epiphany to gconf. HAHAHAHAHA

  • turtaf

    It keeps looking like they are aiming their desktop to kids and old people with big icons, ridiculously simple names and no tweaking allowed (unless you want to put hands in gconf, someone says…)
    This can be a reasonable approach, but they could have changed the name of the project, as this is getting further and further from the gnome 2.X Desktop.
    I personally don’t like it and switched to xfce, which will be perfect (I hope) as soon as they switch to gtk 3.

    Thanks for the update and cheers!

    • Bill_Toulas

      It seems like all your concerns can be solved by the installation of a more elegant Gnome Shell + GTK3 theme that will replace the defaults. You can do this easily and using a GUI way through the “Advanced Settings” tool

  • uno

    Now you have two places to look for menus for each application. In the gnome shell or in the application itself. They should make up their minds. Eitther all menus application menus in the shell, a la MacOS-X, or none at all. Personally I would prefer it the MacOS-X way, to make the most of Fitts law. This is a total usability mess.

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  • bulletmark

    I’m hesitant to ask – but where is the suspend option?!

    • alex285

      Easter egg or ernative button :)

      • bulletmark

        Ok I chuckled. But you are not serious are you?

        • alex285

          I am pretty much serious, I will test it in 3.5.3 just to be sure, coz I didn’t tried. 

  • Adam Martinez

    What horrible design..

  • syncdram

    Sorry looks no different than when it first came out.  Looks like paint drying at best.

  • Bobby Culture

     KDE 4.0 was much more beautiful and even more functional than that. Even my Terminal is prettier than that. I am wondering if the Gnomes will ever learn to make a Desktop :(

    • Sven Salumets

       KDE may be prettier (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all), but sadly sability sucks. I have no interest in solving 2-3 crashes a day just to have prettier desktop. Gnome has never let me down.

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  • ScionicSpectre

    About gnome-tweak-tool being provided in System Settings- Advanced Settings (the user-facing name) has many settings within itself. This is somewhat similar to how the ‘Details’ panel has a few options, but I don’t think it should be encouraged. I think it’s fine to have a separate utility for advanced changes, but I wish the Advanced Settings had a pleasant, coherent layout like the System Settings utility. It could use some prettying up if it’s going to be an official GNOME package.