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Gnome 3.8: Videos – The second feature under discussion

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Keep on mind that these are early (and actually 5month old) designs. Things can be changed and some of the features can be postponed for the version after 3.8.  There isn’t any discussion  yet, other than the description:

Totem’s UI is from another generation, being on of the first “developed for GNOME 2” applications. Its UI is getting rejigged following designer input:“.

Videos Browser

Videos is following the context selection pattern of all new Gnome Apps, like Documents, Photos, Boxes etc.

Videos Search

Yeap! Sync with online service via GOA! While this (Cloud Sync) is core part of all Gnome3 and its nice, it would be better if at some point we see some Open Source cloud services. Unfortunately I don’t see anything coming at the near future :(

Videos Sidebar

Pay attention on the comments bar. Could Videos handle YouTube comments? I guess is a very optimistic feature!

Videos Full Screen Menus

Two options at the moment. Pretty much everything is experimental here. But we can get an idea what is coming next.



  • View local and online/cloud videos collections
  • A player for DLNA media servers
  • See new videos shared by friends
  • View full screen viewing
  • Share videos (email, IM, ?)
  • Upload videos
  • Show video properties
  • Control:

– Aspect ratio
– Display subtitles
– Alternate audio tracks
– Rotation
– (maybe) Change angles/camera


  • Act as a DLNA media server


  • Not an editor
  • Not a management tool

Media Player is a core part of any Desktop System and I am very happy that Gnome’s UX Team modernize things here. But it is not all about design. It’s about the new GStreamer, the Cloud Sync.. Great great work!

Because new features arrive daily and old ones are dropped, you have to always check Gnome Live for the latest news!

GnomeLive Three Point Seven Features

*There isn’t something new here, I just reprinted Videos Mockups for those who missed them.

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  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    So the only settings it have:
    aspect ratio, subs and language?

  • gnome
    • LorgnocOspYe

      Wrong link? Or wrong article? Or are you just a spam troll?

      Gnome memes is a very funny community satire but I don’t see the relation with the Videos app, Totem. Mind explain?

  • Guest

    Hm, the Content Selection paradigm looks good at this application, but all looks for me massively unfinished now at the design.
    Also, I am a little bit sad that the Video applications goes in the 3.8 planes before the e-mail client it does.
    I mean there are great and stable Video applications for Linux out there (for example VLC).
    But the “new” e-mail application paradigm (known from iOS) isn’t really landed in the Linux world now.
    I know there is Geary, but that has no multi account option (which is a _must_ for an e-mail application, i think).
    And the Outlook 95 style, I never liked (I use(d) the web frontends, ever if possible).
    So why not the importend first, the clock is also landed now, because it is usefull for the developers, or? Isn’t a great e-mail application not also usefull for they?

  • :O

    So, it _is_ a giant phone desktop?

  • pntruongan

    I dislike this feature. How can I hide my porn when it all display like that.

  • ScionicSpectre

    This is honestly the one I’m looking forward to the most, after using Minitube, HTML5 YouTube, Vimeo, etc. so often. I think this would be a better experience overall if we can get the sources included and search/watch everything from one place. Of course, if the gdata api still prevents us from getting high quality video from YouTube, that could be a pretty major issue. According to Bastien it was pretty impossible to work with YouTube on getting this worked out to begin with- I wonder if Flavio from MiniTube has a way around this? Or maybe he just hasn’t been harrassed, yet.

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