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Gnome 3.8 Release Schedule [Draft]

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Gnome 3.8 Release Schedule

Week Date Task Notes
0 Sep 24 GNOME 3.6.0 stable tarballs due Start of new feature proposals period for 3.8
Sep 26 GNOME 3.6.0 stable release
0 Oct 06 Boston Summit conference
Oct 07 Boston Summit conference
Oct 08 Boston Summit conference
3 Oct 15 GNOME 3.6.1 stable tarballs due
Oct 17 GNOME 3.6.1 stable release
4 Oct 22 GNOME 3.7.1 unstable tarballs due End of new feature proposals period for 3.8
Oct 24 GNOME 3.7.1 unstable release
5 Oct 29 Feature proposals discussion heats up.
6 Nov 05 Release Team meets about new feature proposals for 3.8 with community input up to this point.
7 Nov 12 GNOME 3.6.2 stable tarballs due
Nov 14 GNOME 3.6.2 stable release
8 Nov 19 GNOME 3.7.2 unstable tarballs due
Nov 21 GNOME 3.7.2 unstable release
12 Dec 17 GNOME 3.7.3 unstable tarballs due
Dec 19 GNOME 3.7.3 unstable release
16 Jan 14 GNOME 3.7.4 unstable tarballs due
Jan 16 GNOME 3.7.4 unstable release
19 Feb 04 GNOME 3.7.5 unstable tarballs due
Feb 06 GNOME 3.7.5 unstable release
21 Feb 18 GNOME 3.7.90 beta tarballs due The Freeze: UI Freeze: No UI changes may be made without approval from the release-team and notification to gnome-doc-list@Feature Freeze: new functionality is implemented now; API/ABI Freeze for 3.7.x: Developer APIs should be frozen at this point; String Change Announcement Period: All string changes must be announced to both gnome-i18n@ and gnome-doc-list@.
New APIs must be fully documented
Writing of release notes begins
Feb 20 GNOME 3.7.90 beta release
23 Mar 04 GNOME 3.7.91 beta tarballs due String Freeze: no string changes may be made without confirmation from the l10n team (gnome-i18n@) and notification to both the release team and the GDP (gnome-doc-list@).
Mar 06 GNOME 3.7.91 beta release
24 Mar 11 Start of new feature proposals period for 3.10
25 Mar 18 GNOME 3.7.92 rc tarballs due Hard Code Freeze: no source code changes can be made without approval from the release-team. Translation and documentation can continue.
Mar 20 GNOME 3.7.92 rc release
26 Mar 25 GNOME 3.8.0 newstable tarballs due Hard Code Freeze ends, but other freezes remain in effect for the stable branch.
Mar 27 GNOME 3.8.0 newstable release
29 Apr 15 GNOME 3.8.1 newstable tarballs due
Apr 17 GNOME 3.8.1 newstable release

What’s coming in 3.8

The most highly anticipated feature in 3.8 will be the support of Wayland. Even if the Distros don’t run it by default, Wayland will exist in repositories of the most distros and GTK 3.8 will be compiled with Wayland flags.

Gnome 3.8 will introduce a bunch of new applications, a re-designed Nautilus (and many more re-disigned apps), a better notification system for Gnome Shell, and a more integrated environment with Cloud services. We will also see an improved Software App and an improved package-kit.

Calendar is a nice example of Gnome 3.8 Applications

Although the new feature proposals period for 3.8 is officially starting in September 24, discussions have already begun and you can watch them @ ThreePointSeve Features in Gnome Live.

GNOME 3.7.x Development Series

*Dates are not yet freezed. This is a draft!

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