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Gnome 3.8 Features: Automatic Extension Updates

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This is a big loss for 3.6, specially for the people that are heavily depended on extensions. The good news are that the infrastructure is completed and we can trigger it manually (idk how).

Together with Automatic Extensions Updates, I hope we also get a more user friendly Extensions Page. There are 196 extensions (as it is today) for version 3.6 and this number increases daily. Gnome Shell 3.6 is about 6 month old; 6×30 =180 days. So we get more than one new extension a day.  Which is impressive.

But having so many extensions makes searching a bit hard at the moment with the current search system.

Automatic Extension Updates Description

GNOME Shell extensions do not update automatically, nor are they automatically removed from the system if an extension is rejected post-approve. We need to add this capability for extension to be useful. Potential integration with system updates would be nice.

Current Status


  • Hook (in SweetTooth) for the shell to get updates.
  • ChangeLog for extension authors. Feature is designed.
  • Code (in GNOME Shell) to seamlessly download and install updates, including rollback if things go wrong


  • Actually triggering the Shell updates, and show ChangeLog information. Integrate with PackageKit?
  • Finish the UI for changelog implementations. Add Markdown support?
  • Potential setting to turn this off for privacy concerns.

Jasper is working on that and he is also the creator of SweetTooth.

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