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Gnome 3.6 wallpapers by Fabián

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Only the first wallpaper is proposed for Gnome 360 but I included two more.

These are 1280×800 resolution but Fabian provides also sources and almost every possible size variant for the first wallpaper from his Drop Box.

Download ~40mb  Fabian’s blog

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  • Enrique Dans

    Fucking ugly

    • alex285

      That’s why we get a lot of them, we can choose what we like :) 
      I had to edit your comment a bit!

  • André

    The second one is my current wallpaper. But I would like to have the original Inkscape file (assuming this was made with Inkscape) to change the dark grey in something lighter. Or can Fabian just provide a transparent version of that background? 

  • travesseiro

     I really liked the third one. Only if it had just one “gnome” instead of three