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GNOME 3.14 Is Out & Lazier Than Ever!

GNOME Foundation released today their 8th edition of GNOME3 desktop, but honestly I’m too lazy(ha!) to talk about the new features!

In fact I believe that people are also lazy to read about them, as they are lazy to be concerned about the security and privacy. Creating products for the lazy ones seems to be the new trend on every industry, including technology and software.

[caption id="attachment_27386" align="aligncenter" width="640"]lazy-rules Made With GIMP 3![/caption]

Lazy people are usually high intelligent trying to deliver the best with the less effort. Besides, being lazy is a form of being busy and having not quite time to spend. So if you are looking for the best solution for a problem, go ahead and ask your laziest friend ..if he isn’t busy to be lazy to help you ;)

Let me tell a story. There is this brilliant scientist, but he is so lazy to make any research. So he decides and he builds an AI deep learning robot to make all the work for him. When he is finishing it, he says:Robot do this research for me” ..and robot does it.

The robot keeps doing more and more researches and becomes smarter each time, so in the end, robot gets all the credits and nobody can remember the scientist who build it anymore!

This story has a double deep meaning and it perfectly describes how the modern technology works. I’m not going to explain the meaning, because it is like a good joke. If you explain the joke, then the joke is really gone!

GNOME is a lazy system and as a lazy system it requires from users to be smart and to have a high level of resilience and flexibility to accept and adapt the GNOME 3 environment. Things like the removal of Minimization and (Un)Maximization window controls, the complicated Alt-Tab (and key above Tab), the Dynamic Workspaces and others, can only be efficiently used by smart people.

GNOME’s option-less philosophy is trying to force the workflow in the optimal way. But, this won’t work for everyone. I’m not saying that GNOME does everything perfect, it doesn’t. But I strongly believe that the real issue of GNOME are the bugs or the incomplete features, rather its design.

Unfortunately, the GNOME Foundation didn’t seize the opportunity 5-7 years ago, to try out its chances to the real market alone and free, and now GNOME’s success is depended on distros and specially on Fedora, which is the exact opposite of a lazy out-of-box system. Such opportunities are maybe given only once ..or maybe it is never too late, but the competition right now is really tough.

I’m currently training my precognition skills and soon I’ll be able to tell you what will happen on the future! Stay tuned!

All the new features are on the Google Plus Page (one by one!), GNOME 3.14 is out and gone and the next day (GNOME 3.16) is expected to be fantastic ..for loads of reasons!

..or just watch the official GNOME 3.14 video!

In the end of the day GNOME is a community driven Desktop powered by the most successful software on the planet, Linux, and does whatever a desktop is supposed to do. And it does it fast too, as long as you smart enough to “get it”!

Use it, learn it, embrace it, but don’t forget to abuse it, debate it, fork it ..and inline make it better!

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  • Eduard Gotwig

    why dont you just kill the website, its unmaintained, and you think everyone should have a google+ account. you are insane.

    • Efjay

      Agreed, the whole tone here is one of not caring and boredom.. and f* you if you aren’t on G+.

      Gnome is lazy… er.. no, but the writing here certainly is.

      If you have nothing to say, shut this site down so it doesn’t pollute our search results.