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GNOME 3.12 Release Might Slightly Rescheduled ..And Wayland

GNOME 3.12 is scheduled for release in March 26. However this might change. Matthias Clasen member of GNOME Release Team, announced today:

Hey distributors,

writing to inform you that the GNOME release team is pondering moving the date for 3.12.0 out by approximately a week, to align the schedule with the Wayland release plans (a 1.4.91 release including all the xdg-shell API we need is planned for April 1). The latter 3.11.x milestones would be shifted as well, to avoid lengthening the freeze period unnecessarily.

If this would throw your own schedule into major disarray, please speak up now. With my Fedora contributor hat on, I can state that this will not cause problems for Fedora, since the f21 schedule is going to be longer than usual, anyway.

Thanks, Matthias

I think this is the first time ( at least the past two years ) that GNOME is going to postpone a release. However this wasn’t such a surprise.

Few days ago (Jan 27), Matthias:

I’ve just had a chat with Kristian ( Kristian Høgsberg -main maintainer of Wayland ) about the GNOME 3.12 and Wayland 1.5 schedules.As you may or may not have seen, Wayland 1.4 was just released a few days ago. Since this release was cooking, the wayland api was frozen for a while, and a lot of the xdg-shell api that we need for 3.12 has been held up. These patches will be landing now, and make it into Wayland 1.5.

As Kristian told me, Wayland is switching to a 4 month release cycle going forward. That is a little unfortunate for us, since it puts the next stable release, 1.5, into May. There will however be an api-complete 1.4.91 release that is scheduled for April 1st. This is only one week after our target date for 3.12.0 (March 26), so I would suggest that we extend our schedule by a week or two, so that we can rely on the Wayland 1.4.91 release.

This will of course still leave us without a Wayland release to build against for all of our development cycle, which is not a great situation to be in. As a workaround for this, we’ve discussed including xdg-shell.xml in the gtk and mutter trees for the interim, so we can continue to build against Wayland 1.3 while using the new xdg-shell api that will become part of Wayland in 1.5.


A two weeks postpone might be good not just for Wayland, but for many GNOME modules that under heavy development. Major distros won’t really get affected by this, with an exception maybe in Ubuntu Gnome if they want to ship 3.12 through PPAs. But they can do that later anyway.

GNOME & Wayland

I haven’t tried GNOME/Wayland for the past 2-3 months, so I don’t know its current state. At the moment GNOME/Wayland builds fine on Wayland 3 and GNOME doesn’t depend on Wayland 4.

Will GNOME Wayland port be ready for 3.12? As a Tech Preview for sure, but as default, hardly. Jasper Pierre ( GNOME Dev and Wayland Contributor ) said

It depends how much work we do over the next few weeks

Even if GNOME will be ready to run on the top of Wayland, then it is also a Fedora 21 decision ( or any other distro ) to use it or not. Fedora 21 schedule is still to be announced, and it will be another major delayed Fedora version, mostly because of their Fedora.Next initiative, which has opened many many issues.

More news in “About current GNOME Wayland status and which would be the default for GNOME 3.12” thread which just started.

Note that GNOME 3.12 can run both on X and Wayland.

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