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GNOME 3.12 On Fedora 20 From Copr | FAQ

Last night I upgraded GNOME on Fedora 20 to 3.12 from Copr, and the reason I did that was because GNOME 3.12 brings some nice usability features over 3.10. Over the above, GNOME 3.12 speeds up things significantly and is noticeable more responsive.

If, and only if, you are comfortable with Fedora’s upgrade/downgrade/sync methods, or if you have the mood and the time to learn in case things go wrong, then I strongly reckon to upgrade.



From GNOME 3.10 to GNOME 3.12. | Around ~200 updates!

I won’t give installation instructions here, because you always have to check the notes from Richard Hughes that might get updated from time to time.

What I want to say though, is that Yum failed to upgrade the Copr-Gnome-repo, due to dozens of unresolved dependencies and I used Dnf, which worked perfectly.

To install Dnf

$ sudo yum install dnf

As long as you have added the GNOME 3.12 repo, just update

$ sudo dnf update

For some more info about Dnf and various sources please check “Should we Replace Yum with DNF in Fedora 20?” post.

Get GNOME 3.12 For Fedora 20


Assuming you already understand that you have to use this with your own responsibility, and there are high chances for things to go wrong at any time (ie an update)..


This COPR contains backported GNOME 3.12 packages and any required system dependencies for Fedora 20. It contains packages built automatically that have had very little testing.

From time to time this repo may have depsolve errors if certain libraries are in the process of being rebuilt. If the Builds tab has nothing pending or in progress and you do get dep errors after doing a yum clean all then please send a mail with the output of yum update.

This COPR will be updated until Fedora 21 has been released or until the entropy death of the universe, whichever happens first.

Is this the official way to get 3.12 in Fedora?

There’s nothing official about this repository at all.

What’s the maintenance work “downstream” on this repo?

Negligible. It uses mclazy-copr to rebuild the Rawhide packages against the libraries in Fedora 20.

Where should I file bugs?

You should file bugs upstream-only on Bugzilla.Gnome.Org.

What if Fedora pushes GNOME 3.12 in Fedora-Updates?

If Fedora pushes GNOME 3.12 to Fedora-Updates then the Copr repo will just go dead. It can either be left in place or the repo file removed, and you will have a smooth transition from  the official repos.

Why Fedora doesn’t ship GNOME 3.12?

The massive changes in Fedora 21 caused an extended release cycle. Fedora 21 will be released 6 months delayed, in late 2014 with GNOME 3.14.

Will Fedora 20 push GNOME 3.12 in Fedora-Updates?

Who knows? ;)


This repo exists thanks to Richard Hughes! The guy on the photo above!

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