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GNOME 3.12 Live CD is Now Available!

This ~900MB image is only for testing out the latest GNOME. It is based on Fedora 20 using GNOME 3.12 from Copr.

The image was available since yesterday,

Matthias Clasen:

I’ve pushed 3.12.0 modulesets. It all built fine here. The only module where I’m sad that I haven’t gotten a 3.12.0 tarball yet is gnome-tweak-tool – John Stowers said he’d do one, we’ll see.

I’ve also produced a live cd and uploaded it here:

It is based on Fedora 20, with Richards copr builds. It is not perfect – epiphany is crashing for me when run off the live image (works fine outside), and gnome-sound-recorder and polari are not included (not in rawhide yet :-( ). But most other things work on the live cd, certainly good enough to qualify as successful smoke testing.


The image is now also available from

And is mirrored 19 times, so select your nearest area.

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