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GLib 2.34.0 is finally out!

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Major new features:

  • A message bus implementation for use on Windows
  • GSeekable and GPollable are more widely implemented by stream classes

Bug fixes:

  • 562907 – g_shell_parse_argv() mishandles # (hash)
  • 683167 – g_time_zone_new not introspectable
  • 683384 – /gvariant/checksum-basic failure on big endian machines
  • 683641 – Typo in gwin32mount.c
  • 683744 – have a way to get the generic icon name for a mime type

You can read more about other little fixes and translation updates on the news announce.

Download GLib 2.34

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  • foobar

    Do you guys know what bugs me? Even nowadays glib is missing a realpath() implementation. I hack on at least 3 projects with their own implementation. However, it’s still an awesome library and the tiny layer that makes C enjoyable for user-space-applications.

    • Mike Manilone

      You may file a bug report

      • foobar

        There are plenty merged bugs about it.