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Glances, An Eye on your System!

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Glances is a relatively new monitor tool, about 1 year old, written in Python by Nicolas Hennion and is doing amazing well in GitHub!


I will skip any details of it, because it has an excellent manual in GitHub. For quick use in Fedora.


$ sudo yum install glances


$ glances

It is also available for Mac OS X and Windows (Server Mode Only).

For more check on:

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  • Craig

    htop is much faster and *much* better.

    • alex285

      You can’t compare. Glances is Client/Server, you can get HTML templates, you can create custom Client UIs.. Is different.

      • Craig

        Hmm, well the article doesn’t mention that. I just installed it, noticed I couldn’t scroll the processes list and then uninstalled it. So I guess what I really meant is that htop is better than the glances ncurses client.

        • alex285

          I see. I assumed that everyone will check the official site, because this is what I always do.

        • Nicolas Hennion

          The scroll through processes function will be available in the next release (1.7).

          Thanks for the post :)

          • alex285

            When I made the post I just installed in local, without trying all the features, although I read about them. Today I have already set it up in two machines and I know more about it. When you release 1.7, I ll make a more “rich” post, because you have a really nice software there (without knowing tech specs) that people should know about it.

            Thank you for your work!