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Gjs is updated to SpiderMonkey 24!

GNOME JavaScript (Gjs) is a Javascript binding for GNOME, widely used in Shell and several GNOME Apps. It’s mainly based on Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey JavaScript Engine and the GObject Introspection Framework.

Gnomers are trying to catch up with upstream on the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) cycle, and SpiderMonkey 24 is used on Firefox 24.

Tim -darkxst- Lunn, (Ubuntu GNOME Remix Developer & one of the guys that do Ubuntu-GNOME PPAs) made the port (#711046) from Mozilla JavaScript 17 to Mozilla Javascript 24.

That brings somewhat performance improvements with a significantly improved garbage collector and other features.

More info about SpiderMonkey 24 is available on Mozilla Developer Network (MDN).

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  • Kwak

    Any bench about the performance evolution ?

    • alex285

      Personally I am not interested on benchmarks, since usually are inaccurate, coz depending from lots of factors.

      • Kwak

        Of course, but I wonder if how much it can benefits to memory usage. See a before and after bench should be interesting don’t you think ? And I wonder too if it can benefits to animation smoothness, like the “exposé”, I’ve always find it a beat jerky.

        I follow this website for one year now, thanks for sharing so much about gnome and free software. It’s a pleasure to read, keep going on !

        Big thanks from France :)

        • alex285


          Even if it is worth to have such a benchmark, I don’t have the technical knowledge to understand the changes on GC on Mozilla Engine, and what parts of Gnome Components will affect.

          Mozilla says is faster, Gnomers say it will make Gnome somewhat faster, so I stay on this.

          About the animation, what I can do (and what I will do), is to show a 3d-demo written in Clutter running on X and running on Wayland. There are obvious differences! I was trying to write a Framerate meter for it, but ..oh well failed ;)

          • Kwak

            That’s fine, I really don’t have the technical knowledge too, was just curious about it !

            It will be nice to have a wayland video, I place all my stutter-free gnome-shell hope on it. Honestly, the jerky thing is the last thing that trouble me, otherwise I really love the Gnome desktop.

            Thanks for answering.