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Gjs Documentation Almost Ready!

Giovanni Campagna worked on Gnome Javascript (Gjs) docs, and mainly on the GObject-Introspection bits and the documentation will be soon available on GNOME Developer.

Giovanni in Desktop-Development

Hello desktop developers,

as some of you may have noticed, there has been some activity on the documentation generator for gobject-introspection, and in particular a lot of improvements on the Gjs side. Now the result are beginning to appear, and you can see them here:

In particular, what is interesting is that we blend in generated and manually edited documentation. This allows us to remove all of GLib and GObject that is not interesting or badly annotated, and it lets us add things like

GObject.Class (

which is the gjs specific way to define new GTypes.

I hope to finish with the other overrides soon (the biggest ones are GLib.Variant and Gio.DBus*, but there’s some minor stuff), which should solve one of the greatest hurdles in taking up gjs programming. The sources for this generation are not hosted anywhere, because I don’t know if it makes sense to store generated (or semi-generated) files in git. I think it does, at least for GLib and GObject, because the update is always manual. cairo has the same problem, because we bind it manually, and the “native” gjs modules need documentation too.

Of course, this location is only temporary, and I hope we will move to library-web at some point. This would also fix the styling, which right now is “poor” (it’s a pure yelp-build of the mallard docs). The interesting part, though, is that the documentation, at least for the schematic parts, is correct and existing.

And naturally, help is welcome, but for now, enjoy!

Really awesome news! Besides Gjs is actually the main language for writing GNOME Apps!


It would be superb if they could add the equivalent Javascript examples in Gtk3-Demo application, and some logic how you create scenes and views, how you separate the models etc, in Gtk applications.

Anyway, Giovanni rocks as always and as Alberto Ruiz said :-)

I want to say publicly that everybody who does not invite Giovanni for a beer next GUADEC is a complete moron.

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