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Give some feedback to gEdit 3.8!

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Ignasio says:

That’s it, some of you may have heard that GNOME is moving to Python 3 and since last week we are already using it in the gedit master branch. The plugins in the gedit module are already ported and working, although they need some testing so if you are brave enough and you want to try, some feedback is appreciated. About the other python plugins that we maintain in the gedit-plugins module we are just missing a couple of plugins. One of them, the dashboard is waiting for Seif and the syntex plugin is waiting for Jose. Hopefully they will be soon ported and we will be able to merge the wip/python3 branch into master.


gEdit 3.7.1+Git (today) hasn’t any visual differences from 3.6 and apart from Python3 porting there are just some fixes and cleanups and many translation updates.

If you don’t have JHBuild you can easily get it, try all the latest Gnome Software (which is very nice so far!) and give some feedback. JHBuild won’t mess up with your system and is suitable for everyone. It isn’t a necessity but I have a feeling that JHBuild (for next Gnome installations) run better and flawless in Fedora 18 than other distros.

You can obtain a Fedora 18 from Koji Nightly Composes -with your own risk of course :)


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    Those who doesn’t feel comfortable to play with building tools, one quite easy way to test new GNOME versions is to use Fedora rawhide (Fedora 19 development version). First install F18 from Koji Nightly Composes and then upgrade it to F19 development version (rawhide).