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Gifts from Maesa Morado ;)

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Maesa Morado (MM) is a new established company in women fashion that offers luxury handmade accessories. How we are connected with them? Well, the people from MM are helping us to create, produce and promote our very own series of GNOME Accessories in communication and permission of  GNOME Foundation.

You can find Maesa Morado at or in their Facebook.

The gifts

There are three items from MM previous (and their very first) collection which isn’t available for sale anymore.





Bracelets are worth 75Euros, Necklace 78Euros and they are made from Plexiglass.


To participate you need to re-share this post in your Google Plus (using our post on plus so that we may see the share) or give a like to MM Facebook if you don’t own an Google Account. However we prefer G+ since we might miss a FB like. Also please let us a comment in disqus (with the same name as your G+ account) with the accessory of your choice. The draw will take place in

Our own store

When we start to work towards to a shop with GNOME Accessories we deploy a sample page to show what we are making and get a license from GNOME Board. This is about 3 months old and we have some new designs and we actually have the real accessories which are made from Silver, Black, Gold and Pink Gold -and they aren’t fake!

The purpose of a GNOME Shop is to attract new people to the project promote Open Source communities as something different as a lifestyle. Additionally we hope that we might can fund GNOME (and our selves) a bit ;)

You can watch it at Remember that this effort also depends on GNOME Foundation permissions!

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    very nice..the first bracelet..

  • John Trollvolta

    Just waiting for those feminazis that lynched you before to come and lynch you again for showing pictures of scantily clad women. They’ll probably real mad because of how they’re ugly feminists and look ugly by comparison.