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GTG is helping you keep track of small tasks and big projects in a productive kind of way – without getting in your way. You can basically choose what ways to allow GTG to interact with you by enabling the desired plug-ins. The plug-ins allow GTG to link with Tomboy and Gnote, stay in the notification area, auto-remove finished tasks and many more!
All the tasks are written simply through an editor, and can be marked as “done”, “not done”, and “not to be done anymore”. What is great about GTG is the way you can put in some subtasks to your tasks like I did on the following example:
You can even use tags for your tasks, and GTG will automatically arrange them as should. There are no 1000 options here, nor complicated user interfaces with weird buttons that you don’t understand what are for. GTG is really simple to use, powerful and fully GNOME DE integrated. This is exactly what you want when you are taking a note, and this is the way every application of this kind should be.

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