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Getting Gnome 3.6 Live Image!

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Nothing to say, see for yourselves!

Take GNOME 3.6 for a test drive

If you want to install it you can try:

Of course there are more options, I am just mentioning the two I use. Ubuntu Gnome is almost stable, when in Fedora you should expect some hard times :)

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  • Marc

    Is there ANY way of installing it ? If you install Anaconda ?

    • alex285

      I added two links on the post you can try.

  • foobar

    Such ISOs are the reason why I’m waiting for boxes till the very first time I saw the design page. I’m a way too lazy to flash my usb-stick / use the underlying frameworks directly on my private machine. (The other reason is java. I’m sick of f*cking my system up just to get something done I hate.)

  • jon_downfromthetrees

    I’d like to see the Gnome team collaborate with one of the Gnome-friendly distributions to make installable versions of the LiveCD the team releases for each new version. Gnome users are otherwise at the mercy of a very few distributions who will, eventually, get around to incorporating a new, often bastardized, version into a future release.

    Gnome wouldn’t need to officially support the thing. Just let users talk to each other on a site someplace. (That, frankly, is 99% percent of the support 99% of us ever get from any distribution.)