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Get Gnome 3.5.91 Live Image Now!

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I hope Gnome Team in the future to make more often live images releases, because Gnome 3.6 was really hard to be compiled and tested. If you are wondering what this image is about Matthias Clasen says:

They’re basically a debranded Fedora 18 desktop spin, and I think they’re looking fairly nice. We’ll try to refresh these for 3.5.92 next week“.

I run it in Gnome Boxes to save some time and the image quality isn’t so good, but anyway :)

There is no lock option, so you cannot see the new Lock Screen or the new GDM but you can watch some screens here.

The new App Overview button isn’t so bad as you might think. After some use it feels much better that the Tab-ed one.

Gnome 3.6 has huge improvements in almost every Gnome App, like Cheese.

If you consider to get an early release of Ubuntu 12.10 (or whatever else distro) just to have the new Gnome, don’t forget that you won’t get your favorite extensions. It is better to wait a few weeks till the extensions authors update them for 3.6.

You can download the Gnome live image from: (775MB)

*Download goes a bit slow, it took an hour for me.

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  • Ian Brunelli

    Where can I get a Gnome 3.5.91 Installable Image (I tried Mageia 3 Alpha, but I want a distro “pure”, just like this live image)?

  • Guest

    Hm, I think its looks really nice (exept that ugly wallpaper, what is going wrong with these people?).
    Only I don’t get why the Mode and Fullscreen isn’t in a gear menu (isn’t that a window refered action?) [Cheese].
    Also it is not so nice to see the application launcher thing without pages (I know pages not so gnomi-sh like this scrolling list…).
    Hm, time to download it and try it by my self.

    • mostinterestinggnomeintheworld

      i don’t understand what’s your problem with this wallpaper. if you don’t like then change it. i really like it. it reminds me a lot of windows 95 wallpaper. love it ^__^

    • Guest

      I write this from the Gnome Live Dist and anything here is more lite than the in 3.4 (which feels great, I think).
      No animation by opening the Application Menu (…)
      The new overlayed Notification Bar is awesome (try it whit the IM tool).
      The new Lock Screen _is_ in this iso (try cmd+alt+L) [Also the new GDM (create a new user for that under the System Preferences)]
      Looks as you can’t delete contacts from the addressbooks also in the new version…
      The new Nautilus (I wasn’t sure about that as I saw it here on WorldOfGnome) feels also lite and great, like it.
      The System Monitor is also the old one now (not with the new interface)…
      All at all, I think to download it and try it the 15 minutes are good used time: Try it!

  • awesome guy

    now, they hide online accounts, suspend and lock screen but they give us shud down!

    so much progress!

    • awesome guy

      and log out!

    • foobar

      log out is only displayed in case you have more than one user, I think.

      Online Accounts is accessible via settings.

      No idea why lock screen is not available in the screenshots. My lucky guess: No password is required on a live cd.

      • awesome guy

        what if i want to change my desktop environment? create another user!?

        @RambJoe:disqus gnomes have been proved the most lame designers in the history of computing. i wouldn’t be impressed if these options were hidden. do you think that it’s awesome right now? where is the shutdown?

        gnome is a research project. perhaps it’s funny to play with, but not funny to work with it. that’s why it changes and breaks every few months.

    • RambJoe

      You do realise the reason for that is it’s pre release right?