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Genius adds Bessel Functions Support

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Bessel Functions

Jiri Lebl added these Bessel Functions (commit).

  • BesselJ0
  • BesselJ1
  • BesselJn
  • BesselY0
  • BesselY1
  • BesselYn

I had no clue what a Bessel function was, till I checked on Wikipedia.

Atlapack, Atblas Removals

Jiri said: (commit)

atlapack/ atblas/: remove, this was just a pain and I don’t have time to make it work as is. We’ll try to link to lapack if available or maybe even make it a requirement. The fortran version seems available on most distros so it should not be a problem.


Genius maybe isn’t a known App, but this is what its for.

Genius is a general purpose calculator program similar in some aspects to BC, Matlab, Maple or Mathematica. It is useful both as a simple calculator and as a research or educational tool. The syntax is very intuitive and is designed to mimic how mathematics is usually written. GEL is the name of its extension language, it stands for Genius Extension Language, clever isn’t it? In fact, many of the standard genius functions are written in GEL itself.

What can it do?

  • Arbitrary precision integers, multiple precision floats.
  • Rational numbers, stored as quotient and denominator.
  • Complex numbers, stored in Cartesian coordinates as usual.
  • Math-like-looking expressions, tries to be as much a what-you-mean-is-what-Genius-understands, up to a limit of course.
  • Matrix calculations / Linear Algebra, with many related functions.
  • Number theory.
  • Calculus, numerical and even very limited symbolic calculations.
  • Statistics, all the basic statistical functions.
  • Numerical equation solving, polynomial roots, etc…
  • Combinatorics.
  • Most common elementary / trigonometric functions.
  • Modular arithmetic, including inversions and modular arithmetic on matrices.
  • A complete programming language, with automatic typing. In fact large part of Genius standard library is written in GEL.
  • 2D Function line plots, standard 2D graphs of up to 10 functions at once, with possibility to export to EPS or PNG.
  • Parametric plots, with possibility to export to EPS or PNG.
  • 3D Function surface plots, with possibility to export to EPS or PNG
  • Slopefield/Vectorfield plotting.
  • GUI IDE where you can edit and run/test your programs.
  • Can output matrices in LaTeX, Troff (eqn) or MathML, this is I think a very cool feature that allows you to copy stuff directly from Genius to a document in LaTeX, troff or MathM

Genius in Fedora 18

Genius’ latest version is 1.0.15 and if you want to use Bessel Functions you should download and install from Git as these changes came today.

Fedora 18 ships version 1.0.14 and you can install it by:

sudo dnf install genius (just terminal)
sudo dnf install gnome-genius (terminal and GTK interface)

I guess a similar installation will be for Ubuntu, just replace <dnf> with <apt-get>. Dnf works only in Fedora 18 (you have to install it), and of course you can use <yum> instead.



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