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Gela Gnome Shell theme

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Gela looks professional and casual at the same time. I personally love it for the attention in details that Golan77 provided. All elements look great, with no excesses or discounts in the general design philosophy followed. I didn’t have enough time to test Gela under 3.6 thoroughly, but I didn’t find any bugs so far. Definitely give this one a try!

Gela theme How to theme Gnome 3

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  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    It looks so clean, really nice!
    The only thing i could possibly change in this theme is to reduce the gradient distance (between the brighter and darker grey shades)(for example in the gradient of the topbar).

  • hellzou

    It seems really well done and finished. I sure will give it a try.
    is there a matching GTK theme ?