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GEdit 3.13.1 Release

Ignacio Casal Quinteiro released today GEdit 3.13.1. This is a very smooth release, with no many changes (unusual for the GEdit Team!), so the most important thing probably is that this is the first GEdit release towards to 3.14.

A significant difference is the port of Gear menu to a modern popover.



  • Statusbar: line/col popover menu (Sebastien Lafargue)
  • Use GtkListBox for the style scheme list (Paolo Borelli)
  • Make use of popover menu for the gear menu (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
  • Make it work on Windows (Руслан Ижбулатов, Paolo Borelli)
  • Add a gsettings for the last wrapping split -mode (Sebastien Lafargue)
  • Misc bug fixes, mostly in tabs.
  • Translations updates


Even if the changes are nothing really major, GEdit as every other GNOME app, looks quite refreshed caused by the changes in GTK+ and Adwaita theme in GNOME 3.14.

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  • Osqui

    Why “Select all text” was gone from last versions? It’s a pitty

    • alex285

      There is select all on right click !

      • Osqui

        Oooh, it’s true!! I’m very stupid, sorry!! Thanks!