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gEdit 3.12 Migrates to HIG 3!

Everyone (no?) loves GNOME Shell, but when we come to GNOME Apps, there are things we do like, and things we don’t. Personal preferences come right from each user individual workflow.

gEdit 3.12 as a tool to quick edit files and save some notes, is just wonderful. If you’re going to use gEdit as a programming editor, you may get disappointed. There are better applications for the job, and I don’t think that’s the goal of gEdit, even if it supports all those languages.

gEdit 3.11.2

Today gEdit team released the unstable 3.11.2 version, that brings the following changes:

3.11.2 – Commit
  • Refresh the main user interface, radically changing the user interacts with the UI.
  • Remove deprecated API.
  • Integrate change case plugin inside GtkSourceView directly.
  • Improvements in docs.
  • Misc bug fixes.

3.11.1 – Commit

  • Implement XDS dnd support for GeditView and GeditWindow (Nelson Benítez León)
  • Documentation Improvements
  • Style fixes
  • Implement Move to New Tab Group (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
  • Expand tabs and center tab labels (William Jon McCann)
  • Misc bugfixes and improvements



Menu bar from left to right: [Open, Open Recent, New Tab, Save, Gear Menu, Close]. Clean interface, with the most common options only visible.

Oddly, the <Save> button is on the right edge, when <Open> is on the left edge, but it works, it won’t bother you.


I really like the side-panel, that you can switch from Documents to Files view. gEdit team also does a valid use of Gear and Application Menus.


Some of the default plugins. Search still doesn’t work as good as had to. Very simplistic.

Tabs works fine, you can attach/detach them and re-positioning them in a very smooth way, while <Ctrl+T> opens a new tab. A small complain here is when you have only 2 tabs that use large width space, re-positioning works weird. I guess this affects all Gnome-Apps.


External tools interface remains the same as 3.10, while all the functions of <Edit> menu, are only available with <Right Click>.

So that’s pretty much the unstable gEdit 3.11.2. For my kind of use, is awesome!

**HIG 3: There isn’t such thing, is just a shorthand for GNOME 3 HIG.

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  • poinck

    gEdit is the best editor I know!

    I don’t no a better tool for programming or writing text in markdown or tex. Except for bash-scripts I use vim, because I don’t want to leave the terminal window sometimes.

    I use Eclipse at work, because the project is managed with it. It took time to understand how it does things. But if you want to programm something in a large development IDE as a Beginner in a certain programming language you want to learn, you mostly have no idea about the build-process (makefiles, lib imports, etc.). Using a simple Editor like gEdit gives you the possibility to create everything for yourself (makefiles and code) and understand what is really needed to develop a programm.

    This is why many people just use vim, nano or emacs, because they are even less distracting as gEdit.

  • IsacDaavid

    Nice thing to see CSD has been finally implemented

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