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Geary With Client Side Decorations

Client Side Decorations for Geary are scheduled for version 0.8. Currently there are development 0.5.x series, towards to stable 0.6, and CSDs will come in 0.7.x cycle.

Jim Nelson (Geary Dev) #713478

Geary 0.6 won’t support GTK 3.10, so I’ve pushed this to a new branch, “gtk-3.10”. We’ll merge this into master early in the next cycle.

The gtk-3.10 branch uses CSDs

This branch isn’t quite updated, and it doesn’t include the latest patches of Geary, so it isn’t recommended to use it.


Geary CSDs based on version 0.5.1. Current latest version is 0.5.3

By the way if you’re switching between Geary versions you also need to delete the account files, since there are some changes, and there is no compatibility in different versions.

Geary Accounts are stored in:



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