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Geary Mail Client 4 Gnome, version 0.2 Released!

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geary 0.2

We had done a short review some weeks ago into the development version of Geary and nothing has changed since today; but bug fixes.

auto-completion is one of the lots new features that arrived in version 0.2

There isn’t a reason to review it again, besides you can install it in seconds and look for yourselves, but I will just make a quick check on some of the Geary features.

gnome integration

I tried Geary in Ubuntu Gnome 12.10 from the daily builds of Yorba, as they don’t give a stable package for 12.10 yet. Gnome/Gnome Shell and Geary aren’t integrated quite well each other, no GOA support (which is normal at this time), and also GS notifications seems quite broken.

It seems that Geary works better under Unity, and OMG! Ubuntu! has made a review on it if you wanna check.

cloud sync

Geary doesn’t store the data locally (keeps some caching though) but syncs with the mail server in “real time”. That means if you check an email within Geary, the email will be marked as read also in your Gmail, if you delete it from Geary mail will be also be deleted from Gmail and so on.

It also means that you can’t check your emails if you haven’t an active internet connection. Offline mode will come in the next versions.


Geary doesn’t support multiple accounts (but just one), you can’t search your emails from Geary. If you need multiple accounts, if you receive lots of mail, Geary simply isn’t for you.

gmail has better support than yahoo

Another annoying bug that was also in version 0.1 is that if you want to change your mail address (even if you made a typo and you want to correct it), you should manually delete the config Geary folder from Files(!!!).

You will find it in your home: ~/.local/share/geary and you have to remove from Files or more simply with a terminal;

rm -rf ~/.local/share/geary



Geary keeps for some reason a huge amount of cache! As you scrolling down to more emails, caching gets larger. However that makes it faster.

Firefox extension for access sqlite, very handy!

Ok, 167Mb in sqlite database and another ~100Mb in attachments folder for just some tiny use (15mins?), is too much! If for some reason you gonna give your HDD, don’t forget to delete this folder :)

what Geary is good for?

I think at the moment is what I said at the beginning. Check your email in style! Also a great work has made in replying inside multiple threads, very clear, very nice work.

try it out

The best way to find out if Geary fits you is to try it! I guess Distros include it in repos. Ubuntu users can use these PPAs.

Daily Buils (Unstable)

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yorba/daily-builds
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install geary


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yorba/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install geary

*The above PPAs will also upgrade your Shotwell!


If you are new with Geary, you can check our previous review, and people that already use Geary 0.1 they can check the 30 new features that they will get in version 0.2.

Discover Geary in Yorba!

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  • Timo

    Multiple Accounts and Search are kind of mandatory features that still need to be implemented if you ask me. But it’s getting there. o/

  • Dideldu

    Hail to the caching. Much better than before.

  • Fábio Nogueira

    Where is the GNOME notifications!? Only works at Unity…

    • alex285

      ..hope to come in the next version. And yes, Geary works better in Unity.

      • Fábio Nogueira

        Thanks Alex! But, I love GNOME.. :)

        • guy

          “I love GNOME”

          who doesn’t? i’m sure that 2% at least of gnome users still love it

          • Fábio Nogueira