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Geary fundraising campaign!

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Geary has been around for a while now, following  the same high quality software philosophy that Yorba likes to set for all its creations. The current 0.3 version is nice to use, but still very far away from what Yorba developers imagine as the ideal modern email client application. So, what is the plan?

The plan is to finally deliver a cool “as-fast-as-you-can-type” search system, the ability to save and auto-save your drafts, work on supporting all major clients is also necessary, and have notifications when a new mail arrives. Of course, these are Yorba’s developers plans and won’t be the only things that the 100000 USD will deliver. Users/donors will decide what else they need to see implemented in their favorite mail client application and the most popular request will become reality!

Open source is great, but fundraising continues to be a major problem for almost any FOSS project out there. Always remember that there are real people behind your favorite applications and real people have real needs, and real needs can only be covered with real money :(

If you like and use an application, consider how much it really worths for you and what you are doing with it. This time it is about creating the mail client of our dreams by accelerating its development. Other times it is about the life or death of a project. Whatever the case, open source always needs your real support and contribution and you should always consider offering it :)
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  • Bastian Hougaard

    Tipped in, Yorba is a company I feel is worth supporting. Shotwell is a fantastic piece of software and I am sure Geary will be as well.

  • surgeon of death

    isn’t 100k $ too much for email client? it’s like 50 months by 2000$ to one person.

    • billtoulas

      Geary is being developed by three engineers currently, who work full time. Also, the 100000 will ensure that Geary will remain open source and free to download and use, without any kind of subscription or pay requirements for a long period of time