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Geary Adds Search Specifier Support!

About Geary versioning. Geary from now on uses even numbers for stable and odd for unstable releases. Currently the unstable version is 0.5.0, which you can see here. Search Specifier Support comes for 0.5.x, and we will get all the changes on stable 0.6.

I am used to check once a day Git.GNOME for 5 minutes, and if I see something interesting I grub it and test it. Since Geary moved into GNOME’s Infrastructure, it’s kinda easy to follow how Geary evolves and write some more often updates on it.

Geary maybe isn’t as powerful as Thunderbird, and is meant to work together with Gmail, rather replace it. Still, is a very popular project, for a reason!

Search Specifier Support

From now on, we can constrain our search into certain eMail fields, like From, To, Body etc.

Charles Lindsay [Geary dev] says:

The only supported fields are:

  • attachment:
  • bcc:
  • body:
  • cc:
  • from:
  • subject:
  • to:

In particular, we don’t support in: or account:, or has:attachment or any other fancy specifier.

We don’t handle quotes very well. It would be great to be able to say [from:”some sender”], but that’s impossible right now.

You can’t even say [“from:some sender”]; there’s just no syntax for quotes if you’re using :.

We need to rewrite the query messenger using a more sophisticated grammar.

Some more options include:

  1.  Append an * after every term so it becomes a prefix search  (see <>)
  2.  Strip out common words/operators that might get interpreted as  search operators
  3.  Parse each word into a list of which field it applies to, so  you can do “ thing” (quotes excluded)  to find messages to John containing the word thing

How it works. Currently you have to add the search modifier on the search entry. For example:


On the future they will add a drop-down selection menu, or something like that.


Not sure if I am doing something wrong, or it is just some bug, but Search Specifiers didn’t work to me. Doesn’t really matter at this point. This feature it will be ready for the next stable release of Geary!

For more info you can check at Bug Report.

Search modifiers is something that lots of people have asked for Gnome-Shell Search.


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  • sltmbnq

    “is meant to work together with Gmail, rather replace it.”

    not sure what you mean? i’m using geary with ovh mail provider.

    • alex285

      That was for Gmail users, that they can do things like filtering only through their Gmail configuration. I didnt mean that Geary works only with Gmail.

  • Eduard Gotwig

    Finally adept GNOME 3.10 style! Headbars, etc. :3!

    • Marco Scannadinari

      there aren’t any headerbars in geary